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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello from the land of the Jaguars!

Hello pessoal. :) 

This week was rather on the boring side. But let me see if I can at least remember 3 cool things. 

We had a mutual with the young women about loving yourself and dressing modestly and how to do your makeup like a Sister and it was a huge hit. A lot of the girls cried and confessed their insecurities and stuff. It was very sweet. Afterwards one of the Mia Maids (14 years old) wrote me a note thanking me for being her example and for being "so special". It made my whole week. She was so sweet. <3 

Two little girls in my ward (who are cousins) are the exact same age as Lilly and Dorey and they remind me SO much of them. We were talking with them and they secretly told me that all the sisters are cool but that they love me the most. I hate to use the word pride but I felt higher than a kite hearing that. I love those two so much cause it is just like talking and hanging out with my sisters (who I miss terribly) and it makes me so happy. They both want to go on missions. They are adorable. We will be going to one of the girl’s birthday party for a bit because she asked me to do her hair for her party because her mom won’t have time to do it or money to pay anyone. It will be fun and it will feel good to help out cause her mom helps us soooo much. The theme is little cute owls. Her invite she gave me is adorable. Goin' in the mission scrapbook.
Emily's "Hurry and take the picture...it's getting closer" smile.

We found a park that has PEACOCKS. Like....real live ones that walk around free and you can just reach out and touch it if you don’t mind him squawking and maybe pecking you. It was sooo neat. SIster M and I laughed our heads off trying to get close enough to get a picture without him chasing us down. It was an adventure. Just imagine if something had happened and what that report to President would have been like. hahaha. It was neat though and worth it. 

Had a family home evening with an inactive family in the home of an active member family. It was a blast. We played a game and laughed all the way up until our bedtime when they brought us home (yes we called president and told him we would be late). It was so nice to be able to feel part of a real family and actually have some good fun....still as missionaries but every little bit goes a long way. 

Train just outside Apartment window.
On Sunday we had 101 members attend...including the presence of 4 inactive families. It is the most members that have come in a longggg time and the bishop was so happy he cried. Oh and his son got his mission call to Uraguay and we all laughed at him because the day before he had been saying he hates spanish and hates the culture and doesn’t wanna go anywhere spanish. Karma. hahaha. He is excited though. 

Didn’t have much success in contacting investigators but I did save a kitten from drowning. Hopefully he wont be dumb enough to wander over the bridge by the river again. :p

For all those who are sick....hope you all feel better. I love you all and am grateful for your prayers. You are all always in mine. <3 Have a good week! 


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