Missionary blog of Sister Emily Heyer, Brazil Campinas Mission, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Last Email

This is my last email before I am home! :) 

Just wanted to thank you all for your love and support these past 18 months. This was the best decision that I could have made for my life. I am excited to be home and see the differences that these experiences have made in my life.

A mission was not something I planned to do in my life.  It really was the furthest thing from my mind. But I prayed to know if it was something I should do, and I could not deny the answer I received.  Now it’s the only thing on my mind. It seems impossible to close a chapter of your life that was so....crucial. That literally changed EVERYTHING about my life. There is a mormon ad called "watch your step" I think. Although that exact situation in the message does not apply to me....the idea of where my life would have taken me, and where it will go now is almost as drastic. I can literally see playing out in my mind how THIS decision to serve a mission has changed my eternal course and refined my journey back to Heavenly Father. I know that there will be even more effects of the mission that I can’t even see at this moment because I am still here. President talked about that in the interview. He said that I can’t even begin to imagine how much MORE I will see as a result of my service in the next few years. That is a beautiful future blessing. I know that I was supposed to come here, to Brasil, and meet the people I have met. I know that the Lord is pleased with my work.

This week, I said goodbye to many people who I have taught. One woman told me, crying, that I will never imagine the difference that I have made in her life. She is right. I cant imagine it. I just did what the Lord sent me to do. I am humbled by this experience and grateful each day that I have been lead and guided to make changes in my life to grow spiritually. 

I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is the true church of Christ on the Earth. I know that for who takes a chance to just hear the message, and ask God if the message is true, will receive an answer for themselves that it is true. It is a message that brings eternal happiness and light to your life that you cant even begin to imagine. I love this gospel,  I love the Lord, and love each of you for making a difference in my life. <3 

See you soon! <3

Sister Heyer 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Will She Still Remember Me?

Only one more email until I am home! 14 days! 

I just finished my very last interview with President Perrotti. It was wonderful. I am very excited to come home. But there is still some work to be done. 

This week was lovely. Not a lot happened. No one went to church. No one really accepted our visit. BUT we did have two visits with two people who....maybe just needed a smile and a friend. We visited one man whose wife died 2 months ago from Cancer. He lives all alone now. We taught him and his son the plan of salvation. They were very touched. The son asked a question that I will never forget because it was a question that I have never even considered....

"When I see my mom again....will she still remember me?"

I almost cried in that instant. It amazes me sometimes at what the world doesnt not know or is not familiar with. As someone who always grew up in the church, these questions came with simple answers from the very beginning. I am so grateful to bring some light into the lives of those who are simply in darkness because they dont know the truth. 

We also visited a little old man whose wife died 6 months ago. He is 90 years old and lives all alone. NOVENTA! That is really impressive. When we knocked on his door....he walked down his driveway, saw us, and just started bawling. We helped him sit down on the ledge by the driveway and we sat at his feet and talked with him for 40 minutes or so. Just asking him about his life. We shared a scripture and told him that he would see his wife again. We prayed with him. When we left he was smiling and even laughing. I don’t know if this man will live long enough to be baptized and come to church, he can barely walk anymore.....but I am content just knowing that he is happier than he was before. The Lord is merciful with his children. He loves each one of them so much. 

These experiences are just small events of a very uneventful week....but as I always say....they were the events that most mattered. I love my mission. I am excited to go home and start on my next mission....but there are things that I have learned here that I will never forget and will thank the Lord for, for the rest of my life. This was the best decision I could have ever made. 

Have a great week! <3 See you all reallllll soon. ;) 

Sister Heyer

Sunday, November 9, 2014

2 Emails Left!

It’s getting closer! 

This week was a lot of knocking on doors. We are searching. It’s the last days of work in the vineyard for me so we are working non stop and trying to ignore the fact that it is 110 degrees every day....starting at 7:30 am. ;P It’s a real challenge.

One thing I learned this week....the Lord is merciful. 

I asked myself many times this week: Why am I always surprised when the Lord answers my prayers? He is our Father. He loves us. He WANTS us to be happy. So why do I always become so surprised when things work out? 

I have decided to focus this week on my attitude. Focus on being more positive. Focus on truly trusting the Lord. I know that things happen for a reason, that there are no coincidences, and that the Lord has our best interest in mind when He guides our lives. 

As I finish my mission I have been trying to pay close attention to my relationship with my Heavenly Father and recognize how I have changed. On the outside I look a bit older, probably a little chubbier and definitely more burnt, but apart from that I don’t think I look much different. However, on the inside, I feel like a completely different person. This was something that I did not fully expect. But then again, if life is meant to be a series of progression, change was the only sure outcome of these 18 months. I am excited to see where the Lord leads me next. There are good things to come when you have a Father in Heaven who loves you and guides your path. 

Have a great week everybody! 
Sister Heyer

Check out this beautiful video.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Last Days

[As the days until Emily gets home tick by rather quickly her emails get shorter and shorter.  We are sure it is because she is busy filling her last days with mission work and saving all the stories for when she gets home.  We are so excited to have her home!  Here are her fourth and third to last emails home...]

October 20

It has been 40 degrees every day, all week. And at night the winds rip through the city like The Wizard of Oz and there is lightening. But no rain. It is hotter than hot and I am more and more excited to feel the cold in a few weeks. However, I think that after being so used to this heat I might die the minute I step off the plane. ;P Minor detail. 

This week I was transferred and moved into my new and last area, Iguatemi, (yep....returned!!!!) with Sister P. Sister P is from Fortaleza and is the funniest person I have ever met. We laugh every single minute of every single day which keeps us alive in this sun. We have consumed at least 100 popsicles this week and have taught many many lessons melting on people´s couches.

 We also had 2 baptisms this weekend, a couple named L and N. They are excellent and full of faith. They bore their testimonies and we had the privilege to participate in one of the most spiritual and beautiful baptism meetings I have ever been too. The ward was very supportive and the talks were spot on. I got to sing, which is always fun, and they were so happy. L cried the whole meeting. haha. :) They are amazing people and they have taught me so much.....funny role switch. 

Cute story a member shared about his grandkids......Their grandma was in the hospital after having a heart attack and they were at school. That night the teacher sent them home with a note that said, "Today *Fernanda (4) and *Guilerme (5) did not accept a popsicle after lunch. When I asked them why they would not eat they said that they were going to "fast for grandma" until 3:00 pm so they would not eat or drink anything until then. Lunch was at 12:00. And the afternoon snacks are given at 3:00. At 3:00 they participated in snack time. Thought you should know that your children have a lot of faith." 

I thought that was just too sweet. The simplicity of a child, where even just a 3 hour fast of faith and dedication can make a big difference. Their grandma is home now and doing better than ever. 

I am loving my last area. I have 4 more emails home before I am actually home. I am excited and nervous. I am making the best out of every moment here and trying not to count down the days because it just makes it go by slower. ;P I love you all and have a great week! 

Sister Heyer

October 27

This is my third to last email. :) Three weeks. :) 

This week R was baptized. It was a beautiful baptism. We literally saw on her face how she was cured by baptism. All of the pains she had from the death of her son were washed away in that water. She forgave the Lord for "taking her son" and is learning how to accept the will of the Lord in her life. Her baptism was beautiful. 

This week we are on the hunt for new investigators. Wish us luck. 

Sorry it is so short. The best part of the week and the only part I really remember was R’s baptism. :) Which is exactly how it should be. :) 

Have a good week! See you all very very soon. :) 


Sister Heyer

Sunday, October 19, 2014

But for a Small Moment

This week was a bit tough. Physically and emotionally. The work didn't go as well as we hoped and I have never been so exhausted in my life. But next week is a new week. :) 

-Monday I had the chance to go to Campinas and visit with various recent converts and inactive members that I worked with in Castelo. It was such a wonderful experience to see them again. Sheila, bless her heart, even cried when she saw me. We had the chance to chat for a good 2 hours, it being p-day, and catch up on what is new with her family. They are preparing to receive their Patriarchal blessings and be sealed in the temple. They are aiming for November 22nd....the last sat. of my mission so that I can go. We are praying that this date will work out. :) Bernadete did not know that I was coming and we had a blast sneaking up on her in her kitchen. She was floored! She didn't talk for a good 3 minutes out of shock....just kept hugging me. It was wonderful to see her again. 

I also got to spend the night with my dear Ware who left today for home. We stayed up later than we should getting our last mission chat in. It was wonderful to talk to her, but of course left me very depressed. Thankfully she only lives a few hours drive away, otherwise I might have died saying goodbye. There are few people in this world who have helped me and loved me more than Sister Ware. This month will be a challenge knowing she is not here but I am immensely happy for her that she served with honor and is now on her way to some long naps and pedicures. ;P <3 

Tuesday was my last multizone meeting. It was a wonderful meeting. But was difficult. I had to bear my last testimony and afterwards we took pictures and everyone was saying goodbye and asking me what I will do next. I think it all started to really hit me in that moment that 1. I don’t know what I will do next..... and 2. I am leaving. How do you just say goodbye to 18 months of your life. I am currently in mission limbo.....half saying goodbye and being told my flight plans to go home....and half being told to keep going because I still have 5 weeks left. Talk about torn emotions. It’s a challenge I was not expecting but I am adjusting. 

This week I was also informed that I will be transferred. Something that I was definitely NOT expecting. But the Lord clearly has other plans for me than I had for myself. I know that He has prepared very specific challenges for me in my new area but that He is also preparing a way for me to be more blessed and grow even more, for the last time on the mission. It will be a struggle but I know it is what He needs me to do now, so I will do it. I am excited, but.....very very exhausted. VERY. I have never felt so physically drained in my whole life. 

This week the heat came back. In full force. 38 degrees C already at 8:00 in the morning. Or....100.4 in F in case you are thinking that that isn’t very hot.....Bad news….I'm even more drained. Good news....I have lost 6.5 pounds in 4 days. If this keeps up Ill be smaller than Dorey when I get home! ;P haha. 

Oh quick cool story. A guy stopped us in the park this week and told us he is visiting from another city and that he is a recent convert. He then told us his story. He was a pastor for the baptist church. He was earning excellent money, he had tons of success, and even got his own apartment paid for by the church. Well, he had a certain difficulty come up in His church and he said that he came to the moment where he needed to know if he was really preaching the right things and if his church was true. He prayed....and felt that it wasn't right. Shortly afterwards he met the missionaries. He read the book of Mormon, D&C, and Pearl of Great Price in 3 months. He quit his job, lost his apartment, and all of his friends. His congregation was furious. He said that he tried to explain to them that he had taught them all he knew and all he knew to be true but that that was only to a certain point. He had shared ALL he had with them, but now he is learning more and seeing that there is MUCH more than he had to share with them. Many actually followed him, met the missionaries, and were baptized. Many cut all contact with him forever. He said that he knows with every fiber of his being that the church is true. He studied theology for 6 years, and all that he learned fits perfectly with the doctrine or is even further explained because of the teachings of the church. He said he understands to a small degree what Joseph Smith went through to come to the truth and that although he sacrificed everything, he wouldn’t trade it for anything. Oh and btw.....he is only 26 years old. It was an incredible story. I am so grateful for this tender mercies to meet people that can change your life just through their simple conversion story. He is an incredible person and I am grateful that we were in that park at the right time, to meet him and hear his story. 

Well....that is it for this week I think. I love you all. Have a good week!

Sister Heyer


Sunday, October 12, 2014

If there are no goats...then the week is great.

Well, this week was normal! I know....such a bummer for my faithful readers. ;P haha. General Conference was the highlight of the week! An excellent conference with MANY inspired talks that truly helped me. I strongly encourage those who did not have a chance, or simply did not want to watch, to take a look at some of my favorites when published on the site in a few days or less. 

Favorites:Elder Chi Hong Wong, Elder David A. Bednar, Elder Calos A. Godoy, and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. 

We had many opportunities this week to do family home evenings with many members. It was a week full of visiting members and getting to know them better. I think many times we, as missionaries, get so hung up in the blur of new investigators and the basic rhythm of the work that we forget to "strengthen the unit in which we serve". We cannot do this work alone, nor should we. I liked what Elder Bednar said about how missionaries help members to fulfill their sacred responsibility to share the gospel. It seems like we were one step ahead of Elder Bednar this week because THIS was exactly our focus of the week. We took more time to visit each member, get to know them, and ask them their availability to go on visits with us. We talked about our investigators and helped them to feel as excited as we are about their progress and the new friends that they will have the chance to make. Or at least, that was the goal. Whether or not it worked or not will only be apparent in the next few weeks as we work harder to include them more in our work. :) There are some wonderful members in our ward. I really hope that I will have the chance to finish my mission here. I will find out on Sunday about transfers and new comps and such. I hope that nothing will be changed. 

Well I love you all. Tomorrow I give my very last testimony at our multizone meeting. And I will also sing. It’s a strange feeling to only have 6 weeks left after 18 long and wonderful months. I wish I could hit pause and soak it all in for a minute, but before I know it I will be on a plane, finishing one chapter and on to the next. :) Im trying to make the very best of it. Like Elder Holland said in conference about Mary, "She hath done what she could." (Mark 14:8) May each of us look to, do what we can, to help ease the burdens of someone around us. Take the challenge to find someone in need and serve them. By doing so, we serve the Lord! 

Have a good week! 

Sister Heyer

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Where You Step

Well....this week was interesting. 

We worked our butts off and had a wonderful week....until Friday. We had lunch at a members home who lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. It was a delicious lunch and wonderful company. She has a goat, 2 geese, 4 dogs, 20+ cows, 50+ chickens and roosters, baby chickens, horses, and a variety of other interesting wild life. She showed us around her farm (which was very beautiful) and then took us to her garden to pick fresh lettuce to help make the salad. That’s when the adventures began. 

As I was picking lettuce I suddenly felt as if 100 needles were being pressed into my feet and ankles. I looked down to see that I had planted myself right in the middle of an ant hill and that they were now sending troops of hundreds to attack my poor feet. Thankfully, because of my nametag, I kept my cool and stepped aside and calmly asked my companion to please help me brush off the hundreds of biting ants before they consumed my whole body. She, of course, screamed....and we started to swat them off together. Well...with my feet burning but a smile on my face we started to walk back to the house. However, we were not informed that these 2 geese are angry, jealous, and proud animals and our lack of attention on them sent them running out of the coop with blood in their eyes. I was bitten on my leg twice by the monster. Finally we escaped into the house and I excused myself to the bathroom to wash my feet and examine the damage of the bite (thankfully only left a bruise like when you pinch your skin). The welts of the bites were already becoming apparent though and the itching had started. Wonderful. 
We ate lunch and then we were invited to meet her goat. Well you would think by now I would have known it’s better for me to just stay inside...but NO...missionaries must please everyone. So I went to meet the goat. He loved me. So much that he almost ate my dress. Thankfully I came out with my dress still intact and all my limbs accounted for. Next time though I can’t be so sure that I will have such luck. Next time I will come with armor. To seal the farm adventure it started to POUR and made it impossible for us to leave until almost 4:30 in the afternoon, making us loose almost a whole day of work. 

To really put the cherry on top I got home and noticed that not only were my ant bites quite swollen and horrible (I made it out alive with only 12 on one foot and 8 on the other), but the rest of my body was suddenly red and splotchy and itchy. 
-_- I took a shower and then called Sister Perrotti to know what medicine to buy in the pharmacy. The conversation was quite hilarious looking back....

Me: Hi Sister just a quick question....I went to farm today and now have an allergic reaction of some kind. Do you know of a medicine that could help? 
Sister: Okay....what did you eat?
Me: I think it was because of the animals that I met today
Sister: Oh okay. But you don’t have any bites or anything right?
Me: Well........
Me: Maybe just a few ant bites from when I stepped on an ant hill and a goose bite....
Sister: (laughing)
Me: ehhhh today was a bit intense Sister
Sister: (still laughing) Sister Heyer, I don’t think you were born to grow up on a farm....
Me: Yah, I really don’t think that will be a part of my future either Sister. 
Sister: (still laughing gives me the name of the medicine and wishes me luck)

So I covered myself in some random Brasil creme, and finished off our day making contacts close to home.....still in the rain. I learned a very important lesson this week....1. Farms are NOT for me. 2. Opposition can even come in the form of our furry friends. 

Oh and my companion passed the day with one ant bite on her finger and lots of funny pictures. -_- 

Well....have a good week! <3 love you all and hope you have an excellent conference this weekend. And if you weren’t planning on watching it or didn’t know…go to lds.org to hear the prophets and apostles testify of Christ and give instructions to help us find happiness in these latter days. :) 

Sister Heyer

"Watch your step": 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reap While the Day Lasts


This week was wonderful. Nothing crazy happened except for many inspired studies that obviously make the week much better. :) 

We found a couple, K and A, who WANT to get married and start a new life in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been visiting them and they even went to church this week. It is beautiful to see. Reminds me of King Lamoni when he talks about giving up all his sins to know Christ. I see that in A as he tries to stop drinking and smoking. He has the faith to stop so I am confident that he will. 

Wonderful news! R and S will be getting SEALED in the temple most likely November 2! And they invited me to go! So I will be asking President and hopefully I can! I am so excited. It will be so beautiful! Ive been praying that this would happen before I leave and today she sent me an email. Nothing is better than seeing recent converts committing to the gospel and taking such important steps to their salvation. 

I am very happy. I have 9 weeks left and all I want to do is work. So that´s what we will do. My companion is wonderful. She is spunky and happy and energetic and a little crazy. So she is perfect. :) I love her. She is the best.  Will ask president to keep us together until I leave. The best part is that because she is training we get to do lots of specific studies together that are really neat. Its funny how even with already doing them many times.... I still learn something different each time. That makes it a lot neater when you are watching the episode from the district for the 100th time. haha. 

A young man here got his mission call to Porta Alegre Brasil! Here they read their call in front of everyone during sacrament. He was so nervous he was shaking! His story is neat....his mom isn’t active and his dad left their family years ago. He was inactive too for a long time but when he was 16 decided to come back. He was watching conference and felt really strongly that he needed to serve a mission. So he prepared and put his papers in. He is doing everything kind of alone...but the ward is helping and he is confident and strong. It is amazing to see. Takes a lot of courage to leave without family support.

Well I love you all! Have a good week!

Sister Heyer 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everything is awesome!

T and A were baptized!!!! :D It was awesome. The ward totally took over everything. They made a slide show of pics and organized everything and brought cake and food for afterwards. It was a very quick and simple but beautiful baptism. They are very happy and of course, so are we. :) 

My companion and I are well. We have marked a few more baptisms and are in the process of helping one couple get married so they can be baptized the first week of November. They came to church this last week as well and loved it. :) We are very optimistic and are just working on surviving one day at a time. I’d be lying if I said that I am not exhausted or anxious to get home....buttttt I am happy and well and like I said....one day at a time. Just working to do my best and finish out strong. I now have 10 weeks left. But that is still plenty of time to make a bigger difference here in Itatiba. Vamos lá! 

We found a 12 year old girl who immediately loved the church.....she came to the baptism and to church and has already marked a few fun nights with the other young women including the movies this Wednesday. Crazy. hahaha. WE JUST FOUND HER and the ward likes her more than us. I love that. We were super happy. Now to work on getting the rest of her family to come! 

Remember that family I commented are my Brasil family and that they threw a party for me on my birthday? Well THIS is the dad´s story. It was published in the Liahona. It is amazing. Please read!

Have a good week everybody! I love you all!
Sister Heyer

Almost forgot…

I gave a training this week in our zone meeting that I would like to share with you all. :) 

I talked about Lilies....how they grow in dirty waters....how they are made to grow and blossom in difficult circumstances but that they always come out on top (literally) and are beautiful. And I read D&C 88:19 about fulfilling the measure of our creation and Genesis 1:26-27 that we all know so well that says God created us in His image....to BE like him and to DOMINATE. I made a puzzle of a Lily and gave each person a piece and showed them that each piece is different and doesn’t really seem like anything big or important....but that without each piece the puzzle would never become what it was made to be....a beautiful painting. I showed them the original painting of the Lily and talked about their individual importance. I think it went alright. Everyone kept the puzzle pieces at least so I hope that was a sign. haha. 

It was fun to study for and I felt the spirit really strongly. :) Anyways. Have a good week!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

There will be water in Itatiba!

T and A will be baptized this week! :D Saturday night. They are so excited and so are we! :) 

My new companion is Sister L. She is Brasilian from Natal. Wayyyyy up north. She is AWESOME!!!! She wants to work work work and so do I....so we have been running around like crazy all week. She will definitely run me into the ground but that’s okay....despite the physical and emotional exhaustion of it all I am very grateful to make the best out of these last weeks! She is a blessing. Not to mention she has a powerful testimony and the cutest accent. You would all love her. She is so little. She reminds me a lot of a mini Brandão, my trainer. 

We have expanded our teaching pool and are excited for a new week of work! Tomorrow I have to give training in the zone meeting to motivate them all. How do you motivate 38 people??? -_- hahaha. So that will be my challenge tonight to put together. 

This week was awesome! My birthday was wonderful. We ate lunch and celebrated with my Brasil Family and I was able to see a dear friend from Jaguariuna who came up to visit and celebrate with us. Apart from having my face shoved in the cake.... It was excellent! Afterwards we had a few great lessons and a very fun family night with some less actives and members where they embarrassed me with lots of singing. ;P When we got home I got my face shoved in a cake again.....but thankfully was spared the raw egg over the head tradition. It was very fun and overall an excellent 21st birthday. :) Even though I feel old. 

I don’t have a lot of time today unfortunately because I will be going to Campinas for a meeting.....but next week I will make up for it in the details. I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Sister Heyer

Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's another girl!

Yep! I stayed in Itatiba....and I will train again! I am so excited. As much as it is a challenge it is also so wonderful to feel really needed and to have the chance to help someone on this crazy journey that is a mission. I am very nervous but I am very excited to not make the same mistakes I did the first time. (I wonder if that's what my mom felt like when she had Dorey....the first one didn't turn out exactly what I planned but now I know how to fix it! ;P hehe) 

Also I am happy because I will stay for my birthday! A dear friend from Jaguariuna who is the daughter of the best family in the world here in Itatiba will drive up with her family and her NEW BABY to see me on my birthday. Her mom is going to make us lunch and everything and I will get to see her after many months. I am very excited to have a brasil family to celebrate with on my birthday. We also have lots of lessons marked. MIRACLES HAPPEN. :)

T and A will be baptized! On September 14th! They chose their own dates and are finally firm in their decision. I am very excited. 

I had a neat experience this week to witness the baptism of our ward mission leader's 8 year old daughter. It was so sweet. She cried when she came up out of the water and cried through the whole confirmation. She is a very special little girl. You just look at her and FEEL that she is destined for great things. She is the same little girl who took the time to pick a friend to share the gospel with, look up her address on google maps, write it down, and pass it to us. It is the most treasured reference I have ever received. She was so cute. She said "I just KNOW that she could be baptized. She doesn’t say ANY bad words! And she is almost 8!" Moved me to tears. We really can learn from the example of little children. Nothing is more precious or holy than a little child. 

I am excited to see what comes in these next 12 weeks that I have left. I know it will be a challenge but I am content. I am excited and happy. And old. -_- 21 snuck around the corner. ;P 

Have a great week everybody! <3
Sister Heyer


Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's been a longg hard nighttt....and I've been working like a dog

Actually my title is incorrect....I have been working a lot more than a dog. A dog does nothing except slober and bark and interrupt perfectly good lessons. (I have become dog bitter on my mission....still love them but I lost a little respect for them after I was almost knocked over by a HUGE 5 month old black lab running at full speed and jumping on me this week.....)

 This week was freezing. And rainy. We did not have much luck with any lesson. So I am trying to think what I could share. 

S and O are progressing little by little. What is funny is that all of the doubts and random things that O brings up in the lesson only help S to feel that it is true. SHE will answer and reexplain the things he doesn’t get (in annoyance but STILL....she is teaching him and understanding!) and in the process is remembering what we talk about and liking it even more each time. Our only concern is that they wont get baptized together. But then again....maybe thats what God wants. Maybe its just not O's time yet. They don’t get along very well and have said they only stay married because they are old and traditional and don’t believe in divorce. But the gospel works wonders so we shall see. 

T and A are becoming scared to get baptized for fear they will break the commandments later. Actually T.  A is fine. But one can’t get baptized without the other. They need each other to stay strong.  A is too young to walk alone to church. It has been a struggle. We are thinking of giving them some space for a few weeks. They will keep coming but we will pass them for the members to take care of more and we will visit less. I feel we can only explain so much before it is just a matter of their own faith and will power. 

I read an excellent talk that I would love for you all to read.....

This week is Sister T (who lives with us) and Sister S's Birthday so I will be making a lotttt of cake this week. Also I will be singing at ward conference on Sunday. Without an accompanist. haha. That should be AWESOME. (eye roll) but it’ll work out. :)

Have a great week! :) Love you all! 

Sister Heyer

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Three in One

[Vacation delayed the posting of these emails.  Sorry to leave you all hanging on where she got transferred!]

July 28: ITATIBA the land of the huge hills and few park benches.


Well....I am currently in Itatiba! It is a city about an hour from Campinas famous for its huge mountain like hills and cold weather. HOWEVER....it is also the land of the S family (who I ADORE and met when I went on a division here a year ago and also in Jaguariuna where their daughter C lives....they are my family away from home. And Irmã S has her own sweets business and makes chocolates....I am in Zion.) My companion is....SISTER S. Who I lived with in Castelo for two transfers. It is the best! She has just one transfer less than me on the mission so I am finally blessed with a companion where all we do is WORK. She knows what she is doing and I think I know what I am doing. SO we are going to baptize the whole city and help make the needed changes in this ward. It is very interesting to see how Jaguariuna and Castelo both prepared me perfectly to face the challenges that this ward has. I am very excited. I feel that there is a TON to do but I feel like I am supposed to be here and my purpose is very clear. The ward is very excited that me and Sister T (who lives with us and has the same time as me...she is from Argentina) are here as well. We bore our testimonies yesterday and called the ward to the work. They seem really excited. Things have been a bit dead here for...almost a year. I’m excited to the challenge. It’s only been 5 days and we have already marked 2 baptisms and found a whole new teaching pool. The Lord is on our side and I can feel it! It’s awesome. 

The only down side is that none of my other areas prepared me physically for this area....the hills are long and huge....I have almost died going up and equally going down. But...I guess I won’t need my knees in my life after the mission. Also to get to our meetings we have to get up at 4:30. That was an unpleasant announcement. Oh well. I am leaving soon. I might as well just run myself down to the last day and get home dead. Better me than a newbie. ;P 

It has been 60 degrees all week and I have almost died. I feel like Lucky from 101 Dalmations....my nose is frozen....my ears are frozen.... the saddest part is that...its in the high 50s and low 60s!!!!!! THAT’S NOT EVEN COLD!!!! So I have discovered once again that I have become Brasilian. And that I will die when I return in the middle of Virginia November. 

Well I wish I had more....just that things are awesome and will continue to be awesome. 16 weeks! Bittersweet. <3 I love you all and have a good week! 

Sister Heyer

A must see if you haven’t.....

August 4: Short Term Memory Loss

I really don’t remember what happened this week.....

We worked. A ton. We had the most lessons and new investigators I have ever had on my whole mission. Ever. We met almost all of our weekly goals! We are kicking it and trying to ignore the little bumps that come along with the ward.

I am getting stronger and I can now climb the hills without dying. So that is a plus. 

I studied grace this week. There is no topic more interesting to me than the power of grace and the atonement. We studied D&C 93  and Jesus the Christ chapter 9 as a zone and had a very fascinating discussion about it that really opened my eyes about what it means to grow "grace by grace". Even Jesus Christ came to Earth and did not receive all the information and glory of God at once.He learned step by step in the times He was ready. THAT is what made him "qualified" to be called the Son of God....he had to learn how to communicate and NEED His Father in the process. Imagine if we were all born talking, eating, walking, knowing everything.....would we really NEED parents? No. The same with our Heavenly Father. If we dont learn step by step we wouldnt need to come to him for help. Nor would Jesus have needed to. Growing grace by grace does not mean one day we are bad and the next we are good. Sometimes it means that we are already good....and the next day we look to be better. We do not go from graceless to graceful. Just like Christ. We can ALWAYS do better. Our potential is INFINITE. If we believe it is and work to prove that statement. He asks us to be perfect because He knows that we are capable of it. 

We through a surprise bday party for Elder S and President and the Assistants came as well. It was fun. It was a good way to finish up an EXCELLENT meeting. I saw Sister H again! From my district in the MTC. It was great to see her! 

Well unfortunately I cannot remember much else from this week. Or maybe really nothing else happened. Sorry guys. Ill start making a daily list so these emails are more interesting. Have a good week! :D

Sister Heyer

August 11: Short and Sweet 

This will be short and sweet because I do not have time to write a lot. But I have some little updates!

J B: Is a recent convert (about 60 years old) who did not know how to read a few months ago....but is now reading the entire Book of Mormon! Out loud to us every week! He reads about 30 pages a week! He is already in the middle of Alma. It is amazing to see his progress. He is a live example of the power of God and the reality of miracles. 

G: We prayed to be able to enter in at least one house. We had a list of people that the missionaries in 2012 talked with them in the street and wrote their address down.....we went to the first name on the list. G. She opened the door, let us in, we taught the first lesson, and she accepted baptism for the 24th! It was crazy! She will have to make some pretty big changes in her life to be ready that day but she is showing her faith and wants to move forward! 

S and O: They are family members of a member in our ward. WE had a really neat first lesson with them! IT felt like for one of the first times I knew EXACTLY what to say and I felt 100% confident sharing it. The spirit was very strong and they agreed to meet with us tomorrow night again. After the lesson the member said it is the first time that her sister (S) has received the missionary visits....and ASKED them to come back and marked for a return visit. She always just listens politely and then never wants to hear more. But this time was different. She also informed us that over the past few years S and O got married legally, O stopped smoking, AND he stopped drinking. And now he only drinks coffee. Talk about PREPARED! IT was very exciting seeing the hand of the Lord literally preparing these people for the right moment. Its been 25 years of Irmã D trying to share the gospel with her sister....who knows. Maybe now is the right time. 

"Teaching the One": This week our zone leader gave us the very inspired challenge to look for "the one" needing the gospel and work to help ever individual person feel the love of Christ, be that member, or no. So we took the challenge and it was amazing the difference. We were able to feel more love for each person we came in contact with. We felt inspired to teach specific principles and we knew exactly what scriptures to share. I studied a really beautiful story from the liahona of july 2013 I think about "Teaching the One" that gave us a new vision as how to help this ward and this area. It was a very spiritual week full of true love of Christ. It was a neat experience and gave me a new vision for the rest of my mission. :) Here is the talk....you will need some tissues. I have read it twice and I cry every time! haha. 

Love you all and have a good week! 
Sister Heyer

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Tchau Castelo!

Sister W trying to fit in Em's suitcase.  She doesn't want
Em to leave without her...
Welllll.....I was transferred. It makes sense....I have been here for 3 transfers already and I only have 2 left now so I needed to go somewhere else.  But it was still really hard to hear. I am really heart broken to leave Sister P before I finish her training. And Sister W and Sister S. Sister W goes home in 1 more transfer so we are particularly weepy together now. It’s hard to leave when you make best friends. :( I am excited to know where I am going but I also feel really sick. haha. I have no idea where or with who and I was already really tired and stressed before the transfer call so....now I’m a big mess. But that’s okay. It’s all part of the mission fun and I will survive as always. Just let me be really dramatic for a few more hours. 

E was confirmed! She cried so hard. It was so beautiful. She has comfortably moved into her new ward already and is very happy. So naturally we are too. T cried this week saying how I "saved her". I guess it’s still hard for me, a normal girl with my own mistakes and problems and only 20 (almost 21) to feel like I am "saving" someone. It’s an alarming responsibility that hasn’t really sunk into me yet....I do what the Lord asks. And I love it. End of story. I don’t really sit thinking about how I "save people". I don’t know. One day I hope to FEEL what she means by that statement. 

We sang in sacrament meeting (Sister W, Sister L and I) and then later all of the missionaries sang with the primary kids the baptism primary song at a baptism with Elder N accompanying on the Ukelele. It was cute. :) 

Well....that is really it for this week. I’ll let you all know where I am next week. I love you all. Wish me luck. Have a great week! Sorry it’s short!

Sister Heyer

D&C 68:6 Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Deep Waters

Brace yourselves. 

Brazilian hot dog...Emily loves them...
This week was E´s baptism!!!! As usual everything was awesome and ready for her baptism and we were completely excited and floating on air......and then as usual everything got insane. E called on Thursday canceling everything because her boss wouldn’t let her leave, she was trying to move into her new house, horrible family problems, and she was scared. We cried about it for about 5 minutes and then went to work.....we went home from the zone meeting and prayed for guidance. We then prepared a really important message about baptism and perseverance. Then at 9:00 that same night I made Sister P call her (she is perfectly capable and needed to learn.....) and talk with her, share the message, and help her resolve her conflicts impeding her from this important decision she was so excited about just a few days before. It was so stressful. I had to banish myself to a different room and turn on Mormon Tabernacle Choir to stop myself from mouthing things to say to E to Sister P. Sister P talked to her for about 20 minutes (longest minutes of my life) and when she hung up it was left at E agreeing to "do everything she could with all her force to be at the church Friday night for her baptism interview". So we went forward like it was all happening. 

Friday night she CAME to the church (on time no less) and was interviewed and was HAPPY! :) Then she told us she would "TRY to be there for her baptism Sat. night". I almost died again. Sat afternoon Bishop called to inform me that (on one of the coldest days we have had here yet) the water heater broke and the water would be ice cold. I called Elder N (who baptized her) and we both agreed that E did not need to know that the water would be cold. ;P BUT a member brought a hair dyer. Sat. night... she was there. She had forgotten a towel but I had felt really strongly to bring one....so I did. Thank goodness. She was every excited. We shared a lovely message. Then we took pictures and everyone made their way to the font....only to suddenly find themselves standing in 1-2 inches of water....the font had over flowed. Bishop, bless his heart, forgot to turn of the water. So we paused the baptism for 1/2 an hour to drain the font, so she wouldn’t already be baptized on the stairs (-_-) and we took more pictures to distract her and make it still fun for her as the sweet members pushed all the water into the floor drains in the bathrooms. It was funny though....E said “I'm going to drown in this water. But that’s okay…I'll be saved. I was just baptized so I’ll go straight for the Celestial Kingdom!" (hehehe) Then after all was in order...Elder N got in first. I couldn’t see him because I was behind E to help her down the stairs but I did hear his giant gasp and exclamation as he got in the freezing water and held out a trembling blue hand to E and said "Come in! It’s not that bad!" (-_-) hahaha. E looked like she wanted to kill me a little but....she got in. They trembled and shook through the prayer and left the font blue....but she was so happy. :) It was beautiful. I sang "Where love is" from the primary book with Sister S as a stand in for Elder Sears at the piano....and Sister P gave a beautiful talk. It was lovely. And it all worked out. But I am convinced that I will never have an "easy" baptism. I am cursed to have everything fall through and I have to pick it all up again. Even Elder N said so. He laughed at me. He had reason....this is the 3rd CRAZY baptism that I have had in this ward. 
-_- Oh well. It works out. And I’ve learned….I'm a fighter. And Sister P is the best and doesn’t need me anymore. 

Touching experience with Sister P this week. She has been having a tough time saying the first vision because it was a bit rehearsed and she would get really nervous. Today I made her practice in front of the mirror for 10 minutes. Then she had to come in and say it for the other three of us. It was good the first time. But I knew she could do better. I asked her is she knew Joseph Smith was a prophet. She said yes. I asked her how she knew? She told me she prayed. I told her that is exactly what Joseph Smith did too. I told her to remember HER conversion story....and then put herself in Joseph´s shoes....seeing God and Jesus Christ....receiving a sacred answer to a sacred prayer. She thought for a few moments.....then she said it again. She cried through the whole thing. I did too. We all did. It was beautiful. It was powerful. The spirit was tangible. And the best part was....she messed up on some of the words. She even said a few Spanish words. And it made Absolutely. no. difference. It was perfect. 

Also this week with Sister P I was going crazy doing the 12 week training (AGAIN) and I could tell she was super bored of the routine. I told her she looked like Pocahontas....which inspired me to make her and I Indian headbands with feathers made of paper (decorated and everything) and get my red lipstick and printed clothing I have and we dressed up like Nephites and Lamanites (not politically correct but I mean....she is dark and I am white and it worked out perfectly) then we ran in to the other sisters room and reenacted one of the many Nephite Lamanite wars. It was great. She made our name tags. I was "Sister Mamãe Cavalho Durado" which means "Sister Mamma Golden Horse" and she was "Sister Filinha passarinha cara preto" which means basically "Sister little daughter tiny black faced bird". hahahaha. It’s less racist in Portuguese I promise. For my dramatic entrance she read the scripture "And those who were not Lamanites....they were Nephites." It was the best. It felt so good to be creative and fun. It’s been a while. :) Not so sure President would consider that gooooood training but.....it was memorable and she laughed.

Well that is about it for this week. <3 I love you all! 

Sister Heyer

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bandits at our BBQ

Ward Activity
Alright.....it'll be a bullet point email style again because of the time....but it should still be good! haha.

-I am officially the advanced English class teacher. Don't know if I mentioned that. But it is super fun. 

-T went to church! :D AND she BORE HER TESTIMONY!!!!! :D All by herself. She asked if she could. So all 3 of us got up and bore our testimonies. It was the best day of my life. <3

-E WILL BE BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAY!!!!!! :DDDD Pray for her. We are so happy for her and excited. It was a huge miracle. After 1 year and 6 months (a mission....) of going to church she has decided to stay for sure. She ASKED me on Sunday if she could be baptized this week. I....of course....said yes. ;) hahaha. Again...sunday was the best day ever. 

Brazilian Food
-July 4th had fireworks!!!! Because of the Brasil cup game that night.  But we sang the star spangled banner and pretended that the fireworks were really for the USA. ;P 

-I will be singing at the zone conference this week. 

-I prayed that I could loose a little weight...and promptly got a weird stomach bug. -_- NOT what I had in mind. hahaha. Never doing that again.

-20 weeks left. 0_o

Sister W's first time cutting hair.  Em's the guinea pig....
-Sister W and Sister S discovered this week that their investigators are actually bandits.....that was a let down. They have been milking all the members for information about the financial situation of family Martins and are definitely faking their interest in the gospel to make friends and then White Collar sue everyone and be millionaires. It’s unfortunate and was totally revealed through the spirit to the sisters because we never would have guessed. They came to a Family Home Evening at a members house and they insisted on taking the sisters home. It was a strange insisting. They clearly wanted to see their living conditions....because the wife when she saw our humble little hut...I mean house...she goes “THAT'S where you live?" with scorn and disgust. Anyways as Sister W was opening the door to our house she suddenly had the very strange thought...."they are bandits". She hadn’t even been thinking about that (and as she puts it the word "bandit" is NOT in her typical vocabulary....maybe robber or thieves but....bandits?) ....but instantly felt the thought confirmed and told Sister S.  Sister S almost shouted that she had felt that too!!!! But for the whole week and just hadn’t said anything because she studied terrorism at BYU and wants to work for the CIA and is a GENIUS but thought that we would all think that these facts finally drove her to paranoia. hahaha. Poor girl. But now the feeling is overwhelming for all of us and it is very. very. obvious that they are truly....bandits. How often does THAT happen? It’s sad. But one day we, especially the sisters, will laugh about it. 

Well..... I know I am incredibly lame this week. INCREDIBLY.But I do love you all and next week I won’t spend as much time re-reading awesome emails and I’ll write more. <3 

Love you all and have a great week! :D
Sister Heyer

I think I already included this once but I will again because I am sure there are a few of you who didn’t read it. ;Phehe. It’s excellent!!!!