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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Where You Step

Well....this week was interesting. 

We worked our butts off and had a wonderful week....until Friday. We had lunch at a members home who lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere. It was a delicious lunch and wonderful company. She has a goat, 2 geese, 4 dogs, 20+ cows, 50+ chickens and roosters, baby chickens, horses, and a variety of other interesting wild life. She showed us around her farm (which was very beautiful) and then took us to her garden to pick fresh lettuce to help make the salad. That’s when the adventures began. 

As I was picking lettuce I suddenly felt as if 100 needles were being pressed into my feet and ankles. I looked down to see that I had planted myself right in the middle of an ant hill and that they were now sending troops of hundreds to attack my poor feet. Thankfully, because of my nametag, I kept my cool and stepped aside and calmly asked my companion to please help me brush off the hundreds of biting ants before they consumed my whole body. She, of course, screamed....and we started to swat them off together. Well...with my feet burning but a smile on my face we started to walk back to the house. However, we were not informed that these 2 geese are angry, jealous, and proud animals and our lack of attention on them sent them running out of the coop with blood in their eyes. I was bitten on my leg twice by the monster. Finally we escaped into the house and I excused myself to the bathroom to wash my feet and examine the damage of the bite (thankfully only left a bruise like when you pinch your skin). The welts of the bites were already becoming apparent though and the itching had started. Wonderful. 
We ate lunch and then we were invited to meet her goat. Well you would think by now I would have known it’s better for me to just stay inside...but NO...missionaries must please everyone. So I went to meet the goat. He loved me. So much that he almost ate my dress. Thankfully I came out with my dress still intact and all my limbs accounted for. Next time though I can’t be so sure that I will have such luck. Next time I will come with armor. To seal the farm adventure it started to POUR and made it impossible for us to leave until almost 4:30 in the afternoon, making us loose almost a whole day of work. 

To really put the cherry on top I got home and noticed that not only were my ant bites quite swollen and horrible (I made it out alive with only 12 on one foot and 8 on the other), but the rest of my body was suddenly red and splotchy and itchy. 
-_- I took a shower and then called Sister Perrotti to know what medicine to buy in the pharmacy. The conversation was quite hilarious looking back....

Me: Hi Sister just a quick question....I went to farm today and now have an allergic reaction of some kind. Do you know of a medicine that could help? 
Sister: Okay....what did you eat?
Me: I think it was because of the animals that I met today
Sister: Oh okay. But you don’t have any bites or anything right?
Me: Well........
Me: Maybe just a few ant bites from when I stepped on an ant hill and a goose bite....
Sister: (laughing)
Me: ehhhh today was a bit intense Sister
Sister: (still laughing) Sister Heyer, I don’t think you were born to grow up on a farm....
Me: Yah, I really don’t think that will be a part of my future either Sister. 
Sister: (still laughing gives me the name of the medicine and wishes me luck)

So I covered myself in some random Brasil creme, and finished off our day making contacts close to home.....still in the rain. I learned a very important lesson this week....1. Farms are NOT for me. 2. Opposition can even come in the form of our furry friends. 

Oh and my companion passed the day with one ant bite on her finger and lots of funny pictures. -_- 

Well....have a good week! <3 love you all and hope you have an excellent conference this weekend. And if you weren’t planning on watching it or didn’t know…go to lds.org to hear the prophets and apostles testify of Christ and give instructions to help us find happiness in these latter days. :) 

Sister Heyer

"Watch your step": 

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