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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reap While the Day Lasts


This week was wonderful. Nothing crazy happened except for many inspired studies that obviously make the week much better. :) 

We found a couple, K and A, who WANT to get married and start a new life in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been visiting them and they even went to church this week. It is beautiful to see. Reminds me of King Lamoni when he talks about giving up all his sins to know Christ. I see that in A as he tries to stop drinking and smoking. He has the faith to stop so I am confident that he will. 

Wonderful news! R and S will be getting SEALED in the temple most likely November 2! And they invited me to go! So I will be asking President and hopefully I can! I am so excited. It will be so beautiful! Ive been praying that this would happen before I leave and today she sent me an email. Nothing is better than seeing recent converts committing to the gospel and taking such important steps to their salvation. 

I am very happy. I have 9 weeks left and all I want to do is work. So that´s what we will do. My companion is wonderful. She is spunky and happy and energetic and a little crazy. So she is perfect. :) I love her. She is the best.  Will ask president to keep us together until I leave. The best part is that because she is training we get to do lots of specific studies together that are really neat. Its funny how even with already doing them many times.... I still learn something different each time. That makes it a lot neater when you are watching the episode from the district for the 100th time. haha. 

A young man here got his mission call to Porta Alegre Brasil! Here they read their call in front of everyone during sacrament. He was so nervous he was shaking! His story is neat....his mom isn’t active and his dad left their family years ago. He was inactive too for a long time but when he was 16 decided to come back. He was watching conference and felt really strongly that he needed to serve a mission. So he prepared and put his papers in. He is doing everything kind of alone...but the ward is helping and he is confident and strong. It is amazing to see. Takes a lot of courage to leave without family support.

Well I love you all! Have a good week!

Sister Heyer 

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