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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Everything is awesome!

T and A were baptized!!!! :D It was awesome. The ward totally took over everything. They made a slide show of pics and organized everything and brought cake and food for afterwards. It was a very quick and simple but beautiful baptism. They are very happy and of course, so are we. :) 

My companion and I are well. We have marked a few more baptisms and are in the process of helping one couple get married so they can be baptized the first week of November. They came to church this last week as well and loved it. :) We are very optimistic and are just working on surviving one day at a time. I’d be lying if I said that I am not exhausted or anxious to get home....buttttt I am happy and well and like I said....one day at a time. Just working to do my best and finish out strong. I now have 10 weeks left. But that is still plenty of time to make a bigger difference here in Itatiba. Vamos lá! 

We found a 12 year old girl who immediately loved the church.....she came to the baptism and to church and has already marked a few fun nights with the other young women including the movies this Wednesday. Crazy. hahaha. WE JUST FOUND HER and the ward likes her more than us. I love that. We were super happy. Now to work on getting the rest of her family to come! 

Remember that family I commented are my Brasil family and that they threw a party for me on my birthday? Well THIS is the dad´s story. It was published in the Liahona. It is amazing. Please read!

Have a good week everybody! I love you all!
Sister Heyer

Almost forgot…

I gave a training this week in our zone meeting that I would like to share with you all. :) 

I talked about Lilies....how they grow in dirty waters....how they are made to grow and blossom in difficult circumstances but that they always come out on top (literally) and are beautiful. And I read D&C 88:19 about fulfilling the measure of our creation and Genesis 1:26-27 that we all know so well that says God created us in His image....to BE like him and to DOMINATE. I made a puzzle of a Lily and gave each person a piece and showed them that each piece is different and doesn’t really seem like anything big or important....but that without each piece the puzzle would never become what it was made to be....a beautiful painting. I showed them the original painting of the Lily and talked about their individual importance. I think it went alright. Everyone kept the puzzle pieces at least so I hope that was a sign. haha. 

It was fun to study for and I felt the spirit really strongly. :) Anyways. Have a good week!

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