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Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's been a longg hard nighttt....and I've been working like a dog

Actually my title is incorrect....I have been working a lot more than a dog. A dog does nothing except slober and bark and interrupt perfectly good lessons. (I have become dog bitter on my mission....still love them but I lost a little respect for them after I was almost knocked over by a HUGE 5 month old black lab running at full speed and jumping on me this week.....)

 This week was freezing. And rainy. We did not have much luck with any lesson. So I am trying to think what I could share. 

S and O are progressing little by little. What is funny is that all of the doubts and random things that O brings up in the lesson only help S to feel that it is true. SHE will answer and reexplain the things he doesn’t get (in annoyance but STILL....she is teaching him and understanding!) and in the process is remembering what we talk about and liking it even more each time. Our only concern is that they wont get baptized together. But then again....maybe thats what God wants. Maybe its just not O's time yet. They don’t get along very well and have said they only stay married because they are old and traditional and don’t believe in divorce. But the gospel works wonders so we shall see. 

T and A are becoming scared to get baptized for fear they will break the commandments later. Actually T.  A is fine. But one can’t get baptized without the other. They need each other to stay strong.  A is too young to walk alone to church. It has been a struggle. We are thinking of giving them some space for a few weeks. They will keep coming but we will pass them for the members to take care of more and we will visit less. I feel we can only explain so much before it is just a matter of their own faith and will power. 

I read an excellent talk that I would love for you all to read.....

This week is Sister T (who lives with us) and Sister S's Birthday so I will be making a lotttt of cake this week. Also I will be singing at ward conference on Sunday. Without an accompanist. haha. That should be AWESOME. (eye roll) but it’ll work out. :)

Have a great week! :) Love you all! 

Sister Heyer

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