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Sunday, November 9, 2014

2 Emails Left!

It’s getting closer! 

This week was a lot of knocking on doors. We are searching. It’s the last days of work in the vineyard for me so we are working non stop and trying to ignore the fact that it is 110 degrees every day....starting at 7:30 am. ;P It’s a real challenge.

One thing I learned this week....the Lord is merciful. 

I asked myself many times this week: Why am I always surprised when the Lord answers my prayers? He is our Father. He loves us. He WANTS us to be happy. So why do I always become so surprised when things work out? 

I have decided to focus this week on my attitude. Focus on being more positive. Focus on truly trusting the Lord. I know that things happen for a reason, that there are no coincidences, and that the Lord has our best interest in mind when He guides our lives. 

As I finish my mission I have been trying to pay close attention to my relationship with my Heavenly Father and recognize how I have changed. On the outside I look a bit older, probably a little chubbier and definitely more burnt, but apart from that I don’t think I look much different. However, on the inside, I feel like a completely different person. This was something that I did not fully expect. But then again, if life is meant to be a series of progression, change was the only sure outcome of these 18 months. I am excited to see where the Lord leads me next. There are good things to come when you have a Father in Heaven who loves you and guides your path. 

Have a great week everybody! 
Sister Heyer

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