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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Will She Still Remember Me?

Only one more email until I am home! 14 days! 

I just finished my very last interview with President Perrotti. It was wonderful. I am very excited to come home. But there is still some work to be done. 

This week was lovely. Not a lot happened. No one went to church. No one really accepted our visit. BUT we did have two visits with two people who....maybe just needed a smile and a friend. We visited one man whose wife died 2 months ago from Cancer. He lives all alone now. We taught him and his son the plan of salvation. They were very touched. The son asked a question that I will never forget because it was a question that I have never even considered....

"When I see my mom again....will she still remember me?"

I almost cried in that instant. It amazes me sometimes at what the world doesnt not know or is not familiar with. As someone who always grew up in the church, these questions came with simple answers from the very beginning. I am so grateful to bring some light into the lives of those who are simply in darkness because they dont know the truth. 

We also visited a little old man whose wife died 6 months ago. He is 90 years old and lives all alone. NOVENTA! That is really impressive. When we knocked on his door....he walked down his driveway, saw us, and just started bawling. We helped him sit down on the ledge by the driveway and we sat at his feet and talked with him for 40 minutes or so. Just asking him about his life. We shared a scripture and told him that he would see his wife again. We prayed with him. When we left he was smiling and even laughing. I don’t know if this man will live long enough to be baptized and come to church, he can barely walk anymore.....but I am content just knowing that he is happier than he was before. The Lord is merciful with his children. He loves each one of them so much. 

These experiences are just small events of a very uneventful week....but as I always say....they were the events that most mattered. I love my mission. I am excited to go home and start on my next mission....but there are things that I have learned here that I will never forget and will thank the Lord for, for the rest of my life. This was the best decision I could have ever made. 

Have a great week! <3 See you all reallllll soon. ;) 

Sister Heyer

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