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Monday, July 29, 2013

If There is Work to be Done...

[Note: to honor the privacy of those Emily is teaching and working with, we refer to them by their initials.  Sorry if this gets confusing.]

Hello! Hope all is well with everybody up North! ;)

This week has been a little rough at parts but also incredibly rewarding! I was hoping to feel better but unfortunately I have felt worse. :P I have a head cold and a nasty cough that makes me pretty worn out but if there is work to be done then I have work to do. So I am pushing on. Sister P (the mission President's wife) is over worried about me though. She called yesterday and said if I am not better in three days then I need to go to the hospital.....so naturally I am feeling better already because there is NO way I am going to the hospital for a cold. Absolutely no way. Yesterday I took some cough medicine (Vicks) but didn't read the ingredients....and payed for it by throwing up everything I had eaten this entire week....it had 10% alcohol. Never again. I don't want any more meds! Especially from Brazil. hahaha. I am actually fine though. Tired and annoyed and a little gross but I don't feel horrible or like I'm on my death bed. 

Yesterday was crazy though. Sister B and Sister A went on a split and Sister G stayed home with me so I could sleep....but I can't breath so I can't sleep either. So I took the bad cough medicine and was sitting on the couch when suddenly Sister G got a call from the Mission secretary saying that he, his comp, and the mission president would be at our house in 10 min but didn't say why. Holy cow....Sister G freaked out and we frantically started cleaning (ìt wasn't even that messy) and she started ripping all the photos off the walls and told me to take mine down too because she wasn't sure it was allowed. I was pretty sure that it was okay but I couldn't really understand her so I just obeyed and started running around cleaning and ripping pics off the wall....then I ran into the bathroom and threw up everything....while sister G yelled DO YOU NEED WATER over and over while running around cleaning....then I finished barfing...ran back out and kept cleaning. Then finally I collapsed on the couch....and they came. They brought us a new, nice automatic stove. And then the mission president gave me a blessing at Sister B's insistence even though I didn't really feel that was necessary. -_- But it was nice none the less. They are amazing people the P's (Mission President and wife). I love them. Anyways turns out pics are fine. -_- hahahaha. 

ITS FREEZING HERE. I am kicking myself for not believing the Brazilians. I had to buy a long skirt and tights.  It's in the low 40s here this past week. And in a skirt walking around with cold rain and wind....yah its pretty freezing. And at night its in the low 30s. Really cold. But I am grateful because the first days it was super hot and it's not fun....so I am enjoying it while I can. 

We have had 2 cockroaches (Barata) I will send you a funny pic of my companions reaction to this. She is deathly afraid. hahaha. 

We almost got attacked by a dog. It was a stray and was really angry we were walking past it. But we were with Elder P and Elder D for the Baptism interviews...and Elder P kicked the dog and it ran away. I felt kind of bad. But it was pretty scary.....angry dogs are pretty scary. 

Crazy story. For literally no reason....we had 3 members of the other sisters ward buy us food. We didn't tell anyone we had been hungry or anything....they just showed up with bags and bags of food. We have sooo much food we don't even know what to do with all of it. We have 4 huge cases of milk. Its crazy. What a blessing. We were so grateful. And then to top it off 2 other members made us dinner and brought us dinner. It was amazing. So you don't need to worry about us. We are well fed and well cared for here. 

I ate a chicken heart. It wasn't horrible. But I couldn't get past the chicken heart part of eating it. :P hahaha. But I did it anyway. They were all super proud of me. lol.

So the big news of this week is yesterday Sister B and I had THREE baptisms!!!! :D C...the son of a member. And our investigator R´s two kids B (12) and M (8). Sooo some background. 

We taught C for the first time on Thursday. It was crazy. I have never seen someone more desirous of baptism. He let us in...we got about 4 sentences into the first lesson and he promptly pretty much recited the first vision and the rest of the lesson to US. He told us that he wants to be happy like his mom and that he is ready to start over. He has a baby out of wedlock, he did drugs, he drank.....but he gave up all of it (including moving out of his and his girlfriend's apt and living with his parents with his baby) for the past few months and started looking for religion. We called Elder P (District Leader) in the room about an interview. Elder P talked with him and we arranged the baptism interview for the next day. The next day in the interview he passed with flying colors. And he just kept asking....even though I will be baptized I want to learn more and more....you will still teach me right? Someone will still come and teach me more right?? He read half of the gospel principles book for sunday school already and most of the book of mormon and even the bible and every pamphlet. He is trying desperately to get his girlfriend to take the lessons so their whole family can be sealed. Its amazing. I hope to see all of them go through the temple. I expect he will be able to get the priesthood very soon. After his baptism C told me he feels like a new man and that he has a new head now. His mom came and thanked us and was just in tears. I have never seen someone look so grateful. It was a beautiful moment for their family.

B and M are the kids of our investigator R. R has 6 kids but one is in jail for drugs, one is married, and one is a teen who doesn't really want to listen. She was all ready for baptism and then she told us she actually isn't married. She really wants to baptized though. But first she has to talk to her....husband/boyfriend about getting married. He doesn't even know that they were baptized or that we have been visiting cause he works all the time. I think she is really nervous to talk to him. But she has the desire. We taught B for the first time on Thursday and he had his interview Friday. He was a little more hesitant about all of it and I was really worried we were rushing him. I talked with Elder P and he said that he thought all would be well and that it's okay. He was right. B went to a youth activity Saturday and LOVED it and then went to church for the first time Sunday....and was baptized right after church. He was so happy. It was perfect. M has been going to church with R for a few weeks now and she was totally ready. We hope that after seeing her kids be baptized R will have the courage to talk to her husband and will do what she needs to do to be baptized this Sunday. :) 

We expect to have 5 baptisms this weekend if all goes well. R, L, L, J, and J. Hopefully all will go well to make this possible. We have to get M to let J and J be baptized first....that's the hard part. She doesn't believe they are worthy for baptism and she wont let us teach her about how its okay we aren't clean when we are baptized. She totally doesn't understand the point of baptism. Its really frustrating. But I have faith she will let us teach her this week. Fingers crossed.....lots of prayers. We shall see.

This week Sister B and I have to go visit other sisters in a different city and do splits with them because Sister B is the sister training leader and President P said he wanted me to go with her and learn how to do it.....which makes me suspect I will be taking her job eventually. Which I'm flattered and excited but also really overwhelmed because I still don't feel I speak or understand super well.....so its really scary. Elder P told me I need to get ready because President P will prob want me to be a senior comp and a trainer in the next 6 weeks or so. Which is literally right when I end training. Training is 12 weeks....3 transfers. Its crazy how fast I will be a leader here. I am so nervous and soooo not ready language wise. Nossa. Oh well....I will study and do my best and pray harder. haha. 

Anyways that's about it here I think. <3 I love you all so much. Cant wait to get pics of the house and the fam! :) And letters! It takes a long time here. Hopefully when I see Elder P he will give me letters today. But if not I have something more to look forward to next week. :) <3 I love you and miss  you loads! Have fun week! <3 Thank you for the emails! 


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