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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Miracle of the Suitcases

[Written by Emily]
Once upon a time there was a sister missionary who was prone to over-packing. She was very nervous because when she flew to the MTC her two suitcases weighed 49 lbs and 47 lbs. The day before she had tossed everything she had in the  MTC into her suitcases to test the weight. They weighed 47.5 and 48 lbs. As she added books and notebooks and all kinds of random things acquired in the MTC she shuddered in fear because she weighed her bag of new things and it was 13 whole pounds! Way too much for a flight too Brazil. But she loaded with faith and prayed hard. When she finished she rolled her suitcases down the hall and hung them on the scale. She could not believe her eyes! One suitcase was 44.5 lbs. The other was 47. "HOW COULD THIS BE?" She thought to herself. She had not rid herself of anything that she brought. In fact....she had added many heavy books including the Biblia Sagrada! :O It was simply impossible. There was no way that without taking anything out from the first flight and adding a whole bunch more....her suitcases could weigh many pounds less. She weighed them twice. Then found a different scale and weighed them again. Same results. Impossible. She fell to her knees and thanked the Lord for this answered prayer. The laws of physics were defied and the suitcases were well under the 50 lbs weight limit. Miracles happen. Of this she is sure.
And so....she is packed. She will be on her way to Brazil in less than 24 hours.
Love you all. :)
Sister Heyer

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