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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Feliz Pascoa!

Well....passed my first Easter on the mission and I was SOO surprised to see that in Brasil on Easter they eat....rice and beans. (note the sarcasm). ;) But in addition to rice and beans there was the yummiest fejoada, pork, pasta, salad, and vinaigrette. It was AMAZING and I think I will be full for the next week or two. Which is good because our fridge is very empty right now. haha. ;) 

Drinking Coconut Milk.  It's gross...
This week was awesome. We had a multi-zone meeting on Friday and so naturally on Thursday night the assistant called and asked if we could sing the song we were going to perform on Sunday....at the meeting as well. As always I said yes. It went really well but I did cry at the end. But that’s because a lot of other missionaries were crying too...including some Elders...and so I cried too. But it could have been worse. The meeting was AWESOME. It is always great to have a spiritual boost during the week. President shared a really inspired message and included some really meaningful words about how he truly loves each one of us and prays for each of us every day. For one of the first times I truly FELT that he meant what he said and knew it was true. I am really blessed to have a really wonderful mission president. I’m sure every missionary says that though. :) Afterwards I had the opportunity to talk to him for a little bit in an interview and he told me he believes I have blossomed. I found that to be very interesting because I don’t feel THAT different. But it was nice of him to say. 

Our area is going great! We met with and marked a baptism date with a man named K. He is a great guy and so far he seems really serious about making a change in his life and finding the truth. We are finding lots of investigators who are honestly seeking. And two of our investigators even came to church on Sunday! We are starting to master teaching together….it's a slow process because my companion is still learning the language. But she gets better every day (not because of me though THAT’S for sure) and she is working hard and staying happy. I am really proud of her. And really grateful for her. The ward members are working well with us as well. We got 6 references yesterday to an amazing family. We are very excited to contact them this week! 

Yesterday, Easter, I sang His Hands again in sacrament meeting. It was in English. But over half the ward, including the bishop who doesn’t speak even a lick of English, were crying. And....for the very first time in my whole life....I sang a solo in church and didn’t cry, get nervous, get quiet, or go flat or shaky. It was....well for me it went perfectly. And afterwards I sat down in complete shock and amazement. I’m sure Elder Sears did too. He has played enough piano for me to know what usually goes down. I really have to thank him somehow for forcing me to sing anyways every time. haha. Because yesterday I think I had a major breakthrough. :) And the spirit was super strong. 

Why I adore my companion...
After church we went to S and R’s house. They are the couple that I sang at their wedding a few months ago. Well...now I’m here! :D haha. And they are AMAZING. It was the most fun and wonderful lunch ever. I am so proud of them and their firmness in the gospel. They are really struggling financially but they feed EVERYBODY anytime they need. They are so loving and open. They call me their daughter now. (It may be because they can’t say my name....but it makes me happy just the same. <3) It was a very fun pascoa. We hid eggs with scriptures on them about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was fun watching them hunt for the paper eggs and share their testimonies about Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. 

Em fim....this week was amazing as usual. Working as usual. Happy as usual. Keep praying no one gets Dengue cause it is going around. And….that's about it. I love you all and HAPPY EASTER! :) <3 

Sister Heyer

Follow this link to see a beautiful video about Easter made by the church. :)

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