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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Before and After

[Mother's day put a kink in my plans to post Emily's letter.  So this week you get a 2 for 1 special!  Enjoy!]



Well this week has just been AMAZING. 

On Tuesday we prayed to find a mom with little kids. Then we picked a street and knocked on every single door in it. EVERY single door. We found no one. So we went one street down and went door to door again. The third to last door and we were about to give up when, T answered the door. She is a mom of two little girls, legally married to her great husband C, who told us she listens to everyone. She asked us to come the next day to share a message. 

The next day, we were at the hospital in the morning (because the other sister that lives with us passed out and we had to take her to the emergency room…she's okay now. Just stress.) and T walks out of a room with her little girl! She saw us and immediately shouts, "You guys are still passing by later today right?? I’ll be waiting!". We of course confirmed. A few hours later we got there earlier than we had planned so we decided to knock on a door to wait out the time. We were knocking at a door in her street when she pulled up in her car and goes “I'm going to the supermarket super quick but I’ll be back in just a few minutes! Pass by!" (Keep in mind seeing the investigator two times in one day BEFORE even getting to her house is super rare....). We visited with her little old lady neighbor while waiting and then went over. 

She let us in super happy and was so excited to hear what we had to testify to her. We taught her about the restored gospel and at the end asked her if she were to know it’s true if she would be baptized. She said of course and then told us how she has been living hearing everyone and believing that there must not exist the church of Christ on the Earth because everything she has heard doesn’t make sense to her....until now. She was very surprised and very excited. She asked us to come back in two days. So of course....Friday we came back. She hadn’t read anything in The Book of Mormon because she had school at night and her daughter got pink eye and she didn’t find the time. We were pretty disappointed but went on with the lesson. 

We used little cut out pictures to explain the Plan of Salvation to her. It was great because her little girls weren’t there so we could put them on the floor in front of her and explain in peace (it was a miracle really!) She listened very intently to each part and when we finished....she started crying. She said never before had she seen God´s plan for her and her family so clearly. She said for the first time she has found someone that understands what she has always believed, who has answers that make sense. She said how she has been struggling for years because of past mistakes and has been repenting but just can’t seem to get rid of the burden that is sitting on her shoulders. She was desperately looking for a change. She said the day we passed by and invited her to church she knew she should hear us out. She said that the day she had come back from the supermarket and hadn’t seen us in the street (because we were in her neighbors house) she went inside and cried because she thought we weren’t coming anymore. 

I invited her to be baptized on Mother´s Day. It’s so soon but it was what I felt was right! She looked up in shock and said exactly what I had thought "Wow. That’s so soon!" And I don’t know where this came from but the words just fell out of my mouth. I said "If you could get rid of this burden you are feeling tomorrow, would you do it?" She said "Yes. I would. Of course I would." And then I said, "Well then May 11th is a really long time away....". She looked at me and didn’t say anything. Then before she could....the phone broke the silence and her husband was on the line. He told her he was on his way home to get her and pick up their girls from Grandmas. She told him that the mormon girls were visiting with her....I don’t know what he said but when she hung up, she started crying. We thought he had told her to kick us out (wouldn’t be the first time), but then she shocked us when she looked up and with tear filled eyes almost shouted...."I will get baptized! I want this! I want this so bad! I KNOW its true! I feel it! Yes, I’m going to be baptized. Lets do this." 

The sweet silence was incredible. I couldn’t believe it (yes I know I’m a regular old Thomas). Then she started asking a ton of questions. Logical questions. We answered all of them. And then we said a prayer. In the middle of the prayer (literally) her husband walked in. He is a normal guy! Works hard, looks like a future bishop. He was super nice. A little wary but super nice. He has already been to see the temple! She told him that we had explained beautiful things to her and she knows it’s true. He said "Well that’s wonderful"(but not sarcastically....) and then agreed to hear us out another day too. It was awesome. They are....going to be the biggest miracles of my mission. We will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help them and make this miracle come true. We are so excited. And praying sooo hard. haha. 

On top of this incredible experience....our olympic boxing english speaking miracle N is almost done with 1 Nephi already in only 4 days of having the Book of Mormon. And our investigator who comes to church every week but never marks to meet with us, was super nice to us and actually expressed her desire to have us come over! It might have been because we made her a huge plate of cookies (that cake cookie recipe mom and grandma is the BEST) and left them with the apartment manager to give to her when she got home from work Sat. hahaha. She was previously taught by the Elders before we got there and on Sunday she went up to them and goes "YOU never made me sweets....." hahahaha. It was hilarious. Even the Elders thought so. I think....

Oh and to TOP off all that (sorry guys....said it was a good week)....we were authorized to go to the temple on the 20th! So on that week I will send an email on Tuesday not Monday. I’m SO happy. I have been praying so hard it would be our zone´s turn. :) I cant WAIT. I LOVE the temple. Oh and I get to talk to my family on Sunday for Mother´s Day!!!! Walking on sunshine here. :) The gospel is true! :D 

I love you all and hope you have an excellent week. <3 Happy Mothers Day! Love your mothers….they really do do everything. Everything. 

Sister Heyer

COLD FEET, LITERALLY  [Written May 12]

Well this week was insane! 

T was baptized!!!!!!! But not after a TON of work and pain on our part. She was interviewed and everything was good to go....and then she called and said she was too nervous and wouldn’t do it. We immediately ran to her house and sat outside her house for 2 HOURS waiting for her to get home. We were freezing by the time she pulled up. We talked it through. She basically was nervous to disappoint and embarrass us because she is different and has tattoos and is really far from perfect....and so on. We told her she was being ridiculous. I think she needed to hear that. Then she went to church on Sunday and LOVED IT. Then about 2 hours from her baptism....she sent us a text saying once again that she is terrified and it was not going to work out and she couldn’t be baptized. Once again I called her and we talked it out. She calmed down finally and we picked her up at 3:30 for her baptism at 4. When she opened the door she started crying. I let myself in and gave her a hug and looked at her.....and I went "You are crying because you are happy!" She looked at me surprised and then started laughing. Then she goes “You're right! I’m happy! Terrified! But happy!" Then she got her stuff and we went to the church. 

As she was looking at the baptism clothes she turns to me and goes "I shouldn’t have opened the door when you guys knocked last week....."hahahaha. I burst out laughing and said "God sent us to you. You opened the door because He sent us to you." Then in exasperation and almost bitterly she goes "I KNOW!" It was hilarious. hahaha. When she got in the water she immediately started crying. It was the most special baptism I’ve witnessed. She left that water a new person. Truly a new person. She even said so as she looked in the mirror. It was amazing. :) <3 Remember her in your prayers. She still needs to be confirmed next week and make more friends. But she is our miracle. After 1 week and 4 days....only going to church once...she was baptized. It was incredible. 

Apart from this it was just a lot of head cold (me AND my comp) and swollen foot (just my companion) but all that didn’t matter as T left the water. :) I love being a missionary. 

It was awesome seeing the family last night! :)) Only 6 months left until I’m home! Flies by. Anyways....love you all! :D

Sister Heyer

Cutest thing ever. :)

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