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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Short But Sweet

ANOTHER EXISTS!!!! I totally remember these from
Grandma and Grandpa U´Rens house!!!! I was so excited
when I saw them at a members house.
I dont know HOW she has them. 
Well I dont have a lot of time so this may be a short one. Sorry! (Actually I feel like half of you are like "YES finally a short one....") ;P

This week was pretty good. T got sick and wasn’t confirmed yet (heart attack when she didn’t show up but she is okay now) and lots and lots of meetings this week which was a little frustrating but necessary. I did my very first division with a Sister Trainer Leader. It was alright. I like her so it was fun to chat and work together. But it was exhausting. Anything that changes up the schedule is exhausting. haha.

Needless to say it was a long week. I think I could sleep for at least a month. But….can't. So...I bought a lot of chocolate. ;P hahaha

At the temple this morning with the zone!
Or some of the zone....the ones who showed up on time. ;) hahaha
Gave a talk on Sunday. The topic was "Why I choose to go on a mission". I plan on rewriting it in English and sending it to you all next week. It went really well. It was fun. I like giving talks. Neat experience. After the meeting a lady who has been inactive came up to me and goes "I came today not knowing why I was coming...and after hearing your talk I know why. It was all for me." She was crying which made me cry and then we both just cried and marveled over the love of our Father for a few seconds. It is really the small moments that make my mission. 

Anyways I think I better go. We still have a ton of stuff to do today so that we can work better all week. Sorry for the shortness but that doesn’t mean I love you all less! Have a wonderful week! <3


Sister Heyer

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