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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Punk with a Cold

Well....this week was FREEZING. Except on Tuesday and Friday morning where it was so hot we were dripping sweat... for about 2 hours until suddenly it dropped in temperature drastically....and then rained for 3 days straight. My companion and I are sick with colds....again. I now hate vitamin C.

But that’s okay because T was CONFIRMED on Sunday finally. :D It was such a miracle. She was going to try and get out of it again but I’m a sneaky little punk. She told us she wouldn’t need a ride and that it would be fine....except her husband was out of town with the car so THAT was a lie. I told her if she didn’t show up by 9:15 we would send someone to get her. She laughed. I wasn’t kidding. Well...9:15 the relief society first counselor, Isabel, showed up at her door to pick her up for church. She patiently waited while T got out of her PJs and ready for church then swearing our names and mumbling not so nice things about me and Sister L (but especially me because she knows I’m a punk and Sister L is an angel) she came to church. She stormed in (dramatically...she wasn’t TRULY mad just kinda mad), sits down by me and turns to me and says "I will hit you". hahahaha. She was serious though. Then she refused to go up to be confirmed because she was so embarrassed. So Isabel came up and held her hand and went up there with her. Isabel is the best. I would’ve done it but she wanted to hit me. hahahaha. After she was confirmed she of course was crying and super happy but refused to admit it to me. She told me to come get a drink with her and when we got into the hall I stood there with my eyes shut and said "Go ahead and hit me now". She didn’t. But I think she thought about it. She was happy though in the long run. She even cheered out loud (really loud actually and threw her arms up) when everyone raised their hand to welcome her as a member of the church. It was awesome. T is going to liven up this ward and make such a fun difference. Sister L and I wrote down all we could remember that was said in her confirmation and gave it to her. She had some AMAZINGLY inspired blessings given to her. It was beautiful. :)

I sang last night with Elder S accompanying me at a Single Adults activity. "Lord I would Follow Thee". It went well except I was a bit out of breath b/c I couldn’t breath out of my nose. ;P But it went well. :) 

Apart from that nothing really happened this week. Lots and lots and lots of doors. And no novos. -_- But....faz parte. We are doing the best we can and have some new ideas to do with the ward to get more references. Everyone is getting excited. Almost the world cup. Then the country just STOPS. Hopefully not the work too though...

Well I hope all is well. :) I love you all and have a great week! 

Sister Heyer

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