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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Boxer was Baptized!!!

N, the boxer, was baptized yesterday!!!! And confirmed! :D It was AWESOME. It happened all so fast. We taught him on Thursday night with a great ward family and after the lesson he just casually told us, as he biked away, to fill the font for 8:00 Sunday morning! So we did! It was a really neat baptism. We sang "Come Thou Fount" a verse in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. The "welcome" from the Elders Quorum was in English and a testimony was given in Spanish. It was really neat and he was smiling from ear to ear. After the baptism he came to our lunch appointment with us and the Elders. It was fun. He was already such a different person! It was really neat to see him so calm and happy and more himself. The ward has already invited him to three family home evenings and lunches. He was instantly adopted. He is quite the iron man though….didn't even plug his nose. And he practically rose out of the font by himself! hahaha. It was great. 

Other than N, this week was pretty normal. Except for interviews with President. But that was nothing new or crazy. I will be singing at Stake Conference next week. Transfers are next week and I will probably be transferred. Sister H will go home next week. :( (Because she finished already....good grief, time passes fast). The last person from my district is coming to Brasil!!! :D I learned how to Samba. Officially. I LOVE latin dancing. So that’s a new thing. The police force went on strike for 2 days and people went nuts with stealing and committing crimes...we didn’t see anything though thank goodness. We did a service project for "Mormon helping hands" at the Taquaral and pictures of us Sisters are apparently on the church site somewhere. But I still haven’t found it. They might be in the Liahona. :D 

Oh and....on Thursday....I WILL HAVE ONE YEAR ON MY MISSION. :O CRAZY.

Well I love you all loads and I wish you a great week! If you have a minute you should check out this AWESOME speech by Elder Holland. :) 

Sister Heyer

Making chicken feet for Minute to Win game with Zone.
It was GROSS!

Too short to reach the ground at the bus stop
The Spider
The Reaction to the Spider

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