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Sunday, June 29, 2014

yo hablo espanol

Well….Sister P and I are doing well. The work is sloooowww going during these games let me tell ya. But....it gives me lots of time to learn spanish with Sister P. We also took a poll at a bus stop and the most commonly used car brand in Brasil is Chevrolet with Fiat coming in a close second. 

We did have some wonderful Family Home Evenings with a few investigators at a members home. The spirit was super strong and they all came to church on Sunday. So I can’t complain. Even with the cup the work goes on....even if it is slower. I just feel bad because Sister P has that new missionary fire and wants to teach....and we don’t teach a lot. She is NEVER tired! I didn’t realize how old I am until I got her as a comp. She is 19 (barely) and has two weeks of walking. I have 1 year and almost 1 month. And I thought I was going strong....nope. I am old. Knees creaking, eyes almost don’t stay open, the whole deal. Poor girl. She is very patient with me. I’m still kicking it though....there are still 22 weeks in me! I hope. ;P hehe

There aren’t too many new things to report. I’m racking my brain here. OH! N (the boxer) will receive the priesthood this week! That is exciting. :) T came to an activity at a members house which was a big step for her. Now we just have to get her to church too. 

With the Sister's adopted "mom"
Oh cool story really quick. A few weeks ago T´s grandpa had a stroke and she had to go with him to the hospital following the ambulance. C (her husband) had to stay home alone with the kids without a car and with absolutely no food in the house. I felt really strongly to call the RS secretary and just ask if she knew someone who could make a dinner and take it to C and the kids. She immediately agreed and make a hugeee dinner and boxed it all up for them. She sent her husband to deliver it. All I heard about it was from T who said that she was super grateful and it was so nice of them. I thought that was it....but then the RS secretary’s husband shared his testimony in Sunday School and told his version of the story. He said that when his wife had told him to take food to C and the kids he was upset because he was starving and he had to take food to some stranger and would have nothing to eat. When he got there....C came to get the food and when he saw all the food he started crying. C explained how he had been so worried because the girls were so hungry and they didn’t even have bread in the house (or money) and how he was completely lost at what to do. He called the food a "god sent miracle" and the two men cried together and talked about the gospel. I couldn’t help but cry myself when I heard. We have been trying so hard to break through to C and T. I know that this moment was truly inspired and I am so glad that I followed a prompting and that the faith and love of the members made this answered prayer possible. 

Challenge for the week: look to be the answer to someone´s prayer. 

I love you all. Have a great week! <3

Sister Emily Heyer

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