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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Chi Chi Chi Chi Le Le Le Le Chile Chile Chile!

So this was the chant that everyone was chanting all week to tease Chili.....and then the game was insane and they almost lost....karma. ;P 

This week was crazy. Nothing really happened though so I’m not sure how it got so crazy. I think the games and the screaming and all the fireworks just make everything seem so much more intense even when nothing is happening. 

Since my brain is a bit fried this week I will just do a little bullet list summarizing the most eventful moments of this week.

-We were finally able to visit T with her Visiting Teachers and it went amazingly well! Her husband C actually may come to church Sunday even with a broken foot! :D We shall see. 
-Sister P is becoming quite the awesome missionary! We are working well together. She is teaching me how to Salsa. 
-I learned how to make some new Brasil foods. You all should be excited considering you can eat it soon. ;P
-I got my haircut. For free. And I love it. It’s not that different. Just shorter. 2 inches under my collar bone. With layers. Pics will have to come next week cause I forgot my camera.
-I got asked to sing in Gospel Principles a sacrament song a capella 2 minutes before class started. -_- It worked out. I was a bit nervous but a lot of people cried and Elder Nelson told me I could be on Mary Poppins or Singing in the Rain (Idk if I was happy by that comment or just impressed that he has seen those movies! 0_o hahaha) 
-I ate a part of a chicken that I didn’t think was edible. Not a pleasant experience. 
-I have 21 weeks left on my mission now..... 0_o. 
-B, our amazing friend who is trying to find her way back to the church....came to the ward activity! 
-Taught the English class Tuesday and it was super fun. For once. I teach English pretty well I think....I just don’t like to teach it. hahaha. 
-Yo estoy aprendiendo EspaƱol. 

Well that is about it. I love you all. Sorry it is lame. Have a great week! <3 Happy 4th of July!!! :D I have my red a white polka dot skirt with my navy skirt all planned out! ;)

Sister Heyer

Excellent talk for you all!

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