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Sunday, June 22, 2014


First off...

I survived the first Brasil game. There is another tomorrow. Even Burger King closed during the game. We were almost run over by 2 buses and 3 cars trying to get back home before 5. But otherwise we were fine. We got McDonalds like 3 fine Americans and 1 Ecuadorian who is outnumbered (so we paid for her) and sat on the front room floor listening for the screams. Sure enough....the whole entire city erupted in GOL!!!!! and other outbursts which I shall not include here because they are offensive. We understood why later when we learned that a ball was shot by Brasil into the wrong goal. How embarrassing. hahaha. Anyways it was incredibly interesting to be in the middle of it without really being a part of it. The entire country Literally stops....and they all scream in unison. Many movements anti-copo happened but....not close to our house so it was fine. After the game everyone floods the streets honking and partying and dancing and yelling and it is really intense. I have to admit I found it very thrilling. I might actually like soccer a little more now. 

Second off...

My companion is Sister P from Ecuador! She is 19 and teeny tiny and adorable. I love her. She is really quiet. But after a transfer with me that should go away. Like Mother like Daughter. We are trying to work our hardest amongst the laziness that a world cup brings. 


SISTER W HAS COME BACK TO ME! :DDDD Yep....you read that right. My querida amiga is living in our house once again. I can’t believe it myself. Obviously living together for 5 months of our missions wasn’t enough! We are ecstatic. But I have to control myself because my companion needs me. haha. With her came a lovely sister named Sister S from Kansas and graduated from BYU this past winter in Middle Eastern Studies and speaks Arabic and Hebrew....the odds that she knows Ariel by sight are ENORMOUS. Can someone send me a picture of Ariel? <3) She is hilarious. And amazing. 

 This transfer is already flying by and once it does it will leave me with only 3 transfers left before I go home. I am FREAKING OUT. But it’ll be good. It’ll be good. 

I am officially singing in the ward choir. Oh joy. It’s us 4 Sisters and like....3 other people. hahaha. But its going GREAT! :) 

Well....thats about it. I love you all. Pictures to follow. Have a wonderful week! <3 Boa Sorte EUA tonight! <3 

Sister Heyer

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