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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

2 Month Mark

Well...today marks my TWO MONTH MARK ON THE MISSION! Man time flies. It doesn't feel like it has been two months. If it keeps passing this quickly I will be home any day now! Its crazy.

This week was pretty crazy but really good! Monday was P-day of course and went to the park with the Elders again. I played futibol americano with the elders and many were pretty impressed with my spiral (thank you Dad). They definitely don't love it as much as we do. They prefer soccer for sure. hahaha. But it was pretty fun. It would have been more fun if I hadn't been so sick. I had a raging head cold and I was advised to stay in bed all day....but....I didn't. I only get one day a week to get out and do fun things so I loaded my backpack with tissues and sniffled and wiped my eyes and died all day. It wasn't fun. Looking back I should've stayed in bed. The only reason I am better today is because I have wonderful family members and friends with lots of faith that prayed for me and Heavenly Father took pity on my stupidity. But I did get to try a new ice cream flavor. Since I don't know what any of the flavors mean I go alphabetically and get a new flavor every Monday. This week was Acashi or Acabai or something weird...found out the hard way that it is prunes. So I enjoyed (or rather...did NOT enjoy) dried prune ice cream. It was a costly (6 reais) mistake. hahaha. Today I hope my gamble is better. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we traveled with the mission president to Itatibia to go on splits with the sisters there. We did this because Sister B and Sister A are the sister trainer leaders so every week they go to a new area and work with the trainers in those areas. So yes....tomorrow we will go to a new place. I think Junjiea but I don't know....and neither do you so I guess it doesn't matter.... ;)  Anyways it was a very interesting experience. I learned a lot. The best thing was Sister B and I really bonded. And I also got caught up in my journal. The worst part was we had to take the bus back. And I didn't take Dramamine in time. I spent the whole 45 min on the bus breathing deeply and praying. It was the work car sickness I have ever experienced.  Next time I will take it earlier.

The rest of the week was pretty much gone by then but we were able to teach lots of lessons and ALMOST had two baptisms yesterday but L said she wanted to wait until next week because it was too fast. -_-. But they promised next week soooo.....we should have 2 baptisms. Our other investigators are getting married this week! :) So hopefully this weekend we will have 4. We shall see. 

Anyways sorry this isn't as detailed as it usually is. Letters are coming eventually and I will try to have a more exciting week this week. ;) lol.  

I love you so much and I hope your week is awesome! You are always in my prayers! <3 

Sister Heyer

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