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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sharing a computer = short letter

Ta I don't have a ton of time because I am using the computer in the house of a member which means there is a long line of people wanting to write. :P So I will write fast.  

This week.....the biggest events were the multizone conference and that I sang at a wedding of the other elders investigators.

The multizone was amazing. Elder Snow spoke in English and he had a translator. It was awesome. He said a lot of really neat things but I forgot my journal so I will have to write next week the highlights. Sorry guys. 
Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Snow

I sang at the wedding. Someone Like You by Adele. It was really neat! I practiced almost all day and then got super super nervous and it wasn't the best. But it wasn't horrible. And also I think I am a horrible critic. I know I am. But its good. The bride loved it and everyone told me I did amazing so hopefully they weren't lying. It was a good experience to sing again. My zone leaders asked me to sing again tomorrow in the district meeting. Ugh. :P  

Only two more weeks of the transfer. It was a fast one. Getting really nervous for transfers.

Our investigator F read the Book of Mormon two times. All of it. Yeah, I think she will be baptized. She is amazing. She is the sweetest person ever. <3 We will go to the temple with her on Friday to invite her to baptism really special and hopefully Monday I will be sending pics of baptism. <3 

Sorry this is so short and lacking in a spiritual message but if I don't leave now this Elder might eat me. So I better go. I love you all and more to come next week. <3 Thank you for all your support. I miss you soooo much.

Sister Heyer

ps- 8 sisters are coming next transfer. Thats a lottttt. haha. Its pretty cool. 
Pss- I love where I live and who I live with. We 4 stay up giggling and joking almost every night. Its awesome. We have made quite the friendship....anddddd of course we will prob all be transferred. Great right? :P

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