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Sunday, November 24, 2013

An AMAZING week!

Good Morning!

Emily's new Companion...and a fusca...
This week was AMAZING! Tuesday feels like forever ago! My new comp is Sister M. She started her mission 5 weeks ago so I am finishing the last 7 weeks of her training. She is wonderful. She is amazing. I love her. We get along perfectly and we work SO HARD. It's funny because I am finishing her training technically but I feel like she is also finishing mine. It's amazing. We are studying the scriptures together and Preach my Gospel and every day I feel like we both understand more and more about our purpose here as Missionaries and more about the gospel. The blessings of knowledge really do come when you have effective and focused study. We are also finding that our day is filled with so much more inspiration! Thoughts just pop into our heads as to what to say and what to do to help our investigators and the ward that seem to come from no where! But we know that it is from our Heavenly Father. I love her. Oh....she is from Rodonia. (North of Brazil). She is 23 and hilarious and hard working and never ever complains and loving and....yeah okay I'll stop. But she is marvelous. We live with Sister W and Sister F. Its really neat because Sister W and I got here at the same time....and we are both finishing training of two other Sisters who arrived at the same time as well (5 weeks ago). So we are all really equal and new and are all helping each other out. It's nice having Sister W as well because we really value each others opinions and we both have the same worries that we have no idea what we are doing. ;) haha. So she's a good friend to talk to and get advice as well. 

This week we worked....I think harder than I have worked since I got here with Sister B. We have been teaching so many lessons and finding so many people. Miracles are starting to happen. We are teaching an old lady who is so adorable. And she agreed to be baptized in 3 weeks!!! So she has a date and we are working with her to help her go to church and feel more prepared. She is so sweet. 

The Poster
Our ward is starting to help us out more and more. It is slow going but we are really...honestly we are just being really stubborn and prob a little annoying...but it's working. We are also starting to really push them to come with us to lessons. Sister M and I had a moment of inspiration this week to help our ward. We made a poster that says "How can I help with missionary work?" and under it has three sign up sheets....rides for investigators....who can do divisions....and who is willing to hold family night in their house. We made it super big and cute. It was fun. I hope that it works. We also put together prayer envelopes....which was an idea that I pulled out of no where....aka The Lord. We write the names of all of our investigators...the other sisters do too. (Just their first names) on little pieces of paper. And every Sunday the relief society sisters who want to participate will draw a name privately and they are responsible for praying for this person all week. They can do it how they want. But for sure its personal and private. This way the members will see that we have PEOPLE that we are teaching and they have names and they have needs. It was our way of helping the members learn the names of people who may come to church one day, have a responsibility that will also help their testimonies grow, and they will feel more involved in our work here in their ward. I am really really excited. 

Em's new roommates and companion
Elder M is here and I saw him yesterday! It was so cool! It's awesome having someone else here that started out with me since the beginning. I can't wait for more people from my district to get here!! 

It is amazing to me how just a few changes have made this "dead area" seem brand new. I now never ever want to leave Chapadao. There is just too much work to be done to be transferred. ;) 

I hope everyone is doing well! I love you all! <3 Missing you all bunches but I am happy safe and working hard! Have a good week! 

Sister Heyer
Ps- Did I tell you the President's wife Sister Perroti asked me to sing at the missionary Christmas devotional....which will have ALLLLL of the missionaries and mission presidency and their families? Ohhhhhhhhh man. Any suggestions of a good Christmas song to sing....hymn or similar. I am thinking What Child Is This but in Portuguese.....but I don't know.

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