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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Good In Every Situation

This week was another GREAT week! I wouldnt say that we taught the most lessons or that it didn't pour all week or that I didn't get incredibly sunburnt or that our numbers were amazing or that we didn't walk for eternities....because that would be a lie.....but I will say that amongst all the not so great moments were some of the greatest and happiest moments of my mission so far. The pictures I'll send will support this statement. For example.....Sister M and I spent an hour and a half sitting in the middle of the sidewalk at the bustop waiting for the bus to come to go the the church activity, our legs burning, our skirts filthy, exhausted....but we took some of the best pictures ever and enjoyed popsicles and cups of water and lots and lots of laughs. So as you can see I am really starting to learn the value of happy moments and how to find the good in every situation. 

This week we also were able to actually find and teach a beautiful family! They are so amazing. They have a daughter who is almost 10 and she is blonde with greenish brown eyes, freckles, and glasses....yep I was super homesick for sweet Dorey the whole lesson. She reminds me a lot of her. I am so excited that we found a good family that is so prepared and wonderful. 

I also had a really neat experience when I was teaching the weekly English class on Tuesday. Before we got to the church to teach I had a feeling that we should talk to a woman that always comes and sits quietly on the side of the room. I mentioned to Sister M to help me remember to talk to her and ask if we can visit her. When we got there before the lesson even started she came up to me shyly and said (in broken english) "Sister Heyer...today I am sad." I asked her why of course and she said..."my mom is dead". I immediately gave her a huge hug and asked if we could talk after the lesson. After the lesson I got her address and talked to her a bit. We visited her this week....and the lesson was beautiful. We explained where her mom was in this moment and what she was doing. We explained how she could see her again. Then we asked her to pray and she was super hesitant. She explained that she hasn't been praying because she is angry with God. She said she asked Him before her mother died what she could do to be better for her mom....and before she got an answer her mother died. She said He isn't listening. I felt stronger than ever in that moment that we were her answer and that what she can do to help her mother now....is be baptized and then help do the work for her mother to be baptized too. It was overwelming. But the time was not then to explain. The time then was to help her regain her faith. She finally agreed to pray. She started to pray....and then started to sob. The spirit was overwhelming. Her prayer was so beautiful. It was a tender moment. Pray for D. <3

Also this week we had a really neat meeting with Sister and President Perroti....just the sisters. It was a beautiful meeting about self worth and true beauty. I thought I would share a couple of neat thoughts from the meeting and some links to some amazing videos...one about our true identity and one that shows into the life of Emma Smith (Wife of Prophet Joseph Smith who endured many many trials and hard ships because of the persecution of her husband and the church in the early days of the formation of the church). 

-We spend a lot of time worrying about how much we love other people and how much other much other people love you....but how many times do you ask yourself if you love yourself? 
-Don't look for your defects...look for your abilities and potential.

-When you talk bad about yourself....you are critizing Gods work. He made you. You are His masterpiece. To Him...you are perfect. 

-He has enough power that He couldve sent a rock to do His work here on the Earth....but He is loving and confident enough in our abilities to send us. 

-We are children of a loving Heavenly Father. We are of divine worth. 

Before I forget....HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Because it is not celebrated here...I really had no clue all week if it was last thursday or this week. So I decided that I will just let it go by either way without thinking too much about it so I can avoid becoming horribly homesick. (too late.... ;) hahaha) But I do wish to thank you all for your love and support. Each one of you have helped me through some rough times when you didn't even know it. Your words of encouragement and happiness came at the perfect time for me. I know that your emails are truly inspired to be exactly what I need in the moment. I am so blessed with family and friends who love and care about me like you all do and I am learning here how much that truly means to me and how truly rare and special this is. I am surrounded by many missionaries who don't have this support at home....and I see first hand how difficult it is and how much harder this journey would be for me if it weren't for you all. I love you and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. <3 God bless you and the rest of your friends and family. Até proxima semana! 

Sister Heyer <3

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