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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Because We Work...


This week flew by. I feel like I say that a lot. But its true. I cant believe it is already DECEMBER. I officially am 1/3 done with my mission. Also can'
t believe that. Time is flying. 

This week....lets see. Sister M and I had a neat experience. We went to go visit a man who hasn't been coming to church because the girl he was dating in our ward decided that he wasn't for her and now is married to someone else. So anyways that was apparently a good enough reason for a return missionary with a firm testimony to stop coming to church. So we visited in the hopes that we could somehow convince him to come back to church. He was super nice and we helped him see that going to church is more important then some girl and that if he wants to meet someone new and get married he is not going to find her moping on the couch. It was a little tough love. But.....HE CAME TO CHURCH SUNDAY. So it obviously worked. And....we decided that we would really love for him to be the new Gospel principles teacher. hahaha. We talked to the bishop. We will see how that goes. Only the missionaries would ask the bishop if an inactive member could have the third most critical calling in the ward that is pretty much what determines if someone will continue investigating the church. I think our bishop thinks we are nuts. But he likes us because we work. 

Our ward has been a little difficult to work with. Mostly cause they don't do anything to help us with the work. They don't really want to leave their own bubble to get to know new people or visit strangers. Which is understandable but hard. We had an Irmá agree to go on a division with us on Tuesday night to visit a beautiful new family and it was AMAZING. They are like best friends now and the family is so excited about church. It is so amazing the difference bringing a member to lessons can make. Look for the missionaries in your ward and arrange to go on Divisions. And also give them food because the first thing I learned here is that they really are needing it. ;) hahaha. Also they may be looking for a place to talk on skype with their families Christmas.....like I am....and I think they might die with happiness if someone actually offers so they don't have to awkwardly ask to use their electronic devices on Christmas day. ;) 

Sister Perrotti (the Mission President´s wife put me in charge on the whole musical program for Christmas. And also told me she wants me to sing BOTH of the solos in the program. Wonderful. I am dying on nervousness. The two songs are Away in a Manger from the hymn book and Nearer my God to thee. There are speaking parts that I have to assign to different missionaries and various other songs that people sing together. I don't really know how to do it because it has the audience sing just the first two verses....then someone talks....and then they sing the third verse. How am I supposed to signal to the audience that is what is going to happen? Anyways its just the little things. I can understand why she put me in charge....cause she prob doesn't wanna do it. ;) hahaha. I love Sister Perrotti. I am excited. I just really don't wanna ruin 175 missionaries Christmas. :P

I completely overhauled our ancient and horribly organized Area Book. It is now beautiful and full of information that is actually useful. I have a big testimony of the Area Book. As it says in the District....those who don't use the Area Book don't understand their purpose as a missionary. That's how important it is. So anyways my companion and I heard that and felt guilty and cleaned ours out. hahaha. 

We decorated our house a bit for Christmas! Its gorgeous. Well...as pretty as it can get with Christmas tree napkins that we got for free and green bubble plastic bows. ;P

Anyways I am struggling to think of more exciting things to say. So that must mean I have finished summarizing my week. I love you all. Have a great week! 

Sister Heyer

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