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Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!


Sorry that last week didnt really have a long email. It was a pretty crazy week it being Christmas and everything. Thank you for the Christmas and New Years wishes. 

Christmas Eve and Christmas were the most simple and beautiful days of my life. I made pasta for all of my companions here and we sat around our tiny little wire Christmas tree on the floor on Christmas Eve and just enjoyed the simplicity of it all. I mentioned that this Christmas was the closest that I have ever felt to Christ and we all cried and smiled together over the reality of that statement. It was the most simple and most humble Christmas in my whole life. No amazing food (actually the food was really gross....hahaha), no presents except for the litttle things we gave each other (one sister wrapped one of her skirts that I said I thought was beautiful a few weeks ago and just gave it to me....) and a big basket of food that we got from a family in the ward (Which was such a miracle that we really did cry for a while haha), no movies or Christmas lights or parades or Santa. Just a few street fireworks that we watched out the window and a warm feeling of peace and happiness that we could be here serving the Lord and experience a little of what Christ went through here on the Earth. It was a Christmas that I will never forget and will forever cherish. 

Christmas day was still simple....we worked. And talked to our families. Cried a lot....but out of happiness. :) It was interesting because we all commented that talking to our families didnt make us as anxious to go home as we thought....it just emphasized the feeling that it is not time to go home yet because we have more work to do. But that when we do it will be a beautiful reunion. :) We went to a members home for dinner and got to participate in their White Elephant gift exchange. It was hilarious and so much fun. At the end all of the silly little useful gifts they got....they gave to us. Even some of the kids parted with their little trinkets saying things like...."the sisters deserve more presents. The sisters could use this more than me." It was so humbling and so beautiful. We were so grateful. I may come home with a suitcase full of little things I dont need.....but I could never throw away something that was given with so much love and generosity. 

This week is transfers. We wont know till tomorrow night though because transfers were moved to Thursday so we wouldnt be traveling on New Years Eve. I dont know what will happen....but I wont be surprised if I am transfered. I am ready for change. But if I stay I will be happy too. :) I will let you all know next Monday where I am! Its a surprise for both of us. I found out as well that one more person from my district in the MTC got their visa and is coming! Sister Webster! I am so excited to see her! :) 

Well Happy New Year to you all! Thank you for everything that you do for me and my family. <3 Love you all!

Sister Heyer

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