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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cantata de Natal

Oi familia e amigos!

This week was another blur. I think that EVERY week is a blur so I will stop starting my letters like that. Sorry!

Helping at Cantata de Natal
This week was the Cantata de Natal....which was a big multistake choir in front of the Campinas temple. Our zone was chosen to do reception for all of the visitors. It was amazing! There were so many people. Many of them came because they posted a big invite to the event in the newspaper! It was beautiful and exhausting. We stayed standing at tables full of church materials for 4 hours. I was pretty sure that only by some miracle could I walk again after that night. But it was worth it. We talked to so many people and so many people wanted to know more. The spirit of Christmas was in the air....even in the 98 degree weather. It was really neat and I was really glad that we got to be part of the experience.

Also this week our investigator D really made lots of progress. We had a beautiful lesson with her. We talked about repentance and about the love of our Heavenly Father. Sister M and I made a very detailed plan before we went to visit her....and we only used it as a backdrop. We were so guided in everything to say and ending up talking about many things unplanned but that she really needed. I think it was the first time I left a lesson feeling like I truly taught with the spirit 100% and not my background knowledge. She may not have accepted to be baptized and she may be moving slower than we want....but it's not about us. It's about her. And I will wait my whole mission or longer to see her be baptized because I know how much it will help her life. I will never give up on her. I just hope I am not transfered.....

In front of the Campinas Temple
F, our investigator who read the BOM two times already....went to the temple and loved it! And she came to a ward activity. She had such a great time and I think she is really starting to feel a part of the ward family. It was actually really funny because Sister M and I were so busy at the temple that we didn't have time to even say hi to her when she got there. We called her after to apologize and see how she liked it and she goes "Oh! I didn't even look for you guys! I was with G and I was totally absorbed in the program! I forgot to even look for you guys!" We felt so...unneeded. hahhaa. It was THE BEST FEELING! Which sounds crazy but it really made us super happy that she is so independent in making friends and being part of the church. Anyways....We will try to visit her today. She is praying to know if the BOM is true. 

The district
Also this week the President of the Young Men and his wife bought us a TON of groceries. It was such a miracle. We were really needing it. haha. They are such an amazing couple. We were so grateful. Then the next day one of the counselors in the bishopric bought us all huge Brazilian hot dogs (which....are actually way better than American hot dogs....) and soda. It was amazing. The members are becoming more and more helpful. We are super grateful. It is an answered prayer.

I finally got the Christmas program in order! Just in time for next week. It will be really simple and really beautiful. I am excited. I hope the other missionaries are too. ;P

Everyday I am more and more grateful to be here and to be with Sister M. We are learning so much together. She is hilarious and wonderful. The day she is transfered (or I am) will be a really hard day for both of us.

Anyways I love you all and I hope you are well. I am so grateful for your supportive emails! Have an amazing week! <3

Sister Heyer

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