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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Weird but Neat


This week was...interesting. Sister M and I had an experience this week that may be one of the weirdest but neatest I will experience on my mission.

We were begining our long trek back to our area after lunch and we passed a younger man in the road painting the sidewalk edges white. He stopped us and asked us if we were from the church. We said yes and asked him if he had ever heard about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He said no but he asked for a pamphlet. So we gave him one and invited him to church that Sunday. He then informed us that he can't because he in prison. He was in prison for a while and because of good behavior he is now living in a semi-open "detentional center" where they can do community service all day and sleep there at night and it has a library and they can play soccer and stuff. We didn't really know what else to say after that....I mean....he can't go to church, and we definately can't visit him. So we just invited him to read the pamphlet and call with questions if he....had access to a phone. hahaha. We then left.
About halfway down the huge hill we both slowed to a stop and had the same impression "go back". We literally stood in the middle of the sidewalk for a good 5-10 minutes debating if we should go back and if we go back what more to say! It was quite the struggle. Finally we both just deep sighed and started walking back up the hill to talk to the inmate. When we got there there were two other men who had joined him in the work....big strong scary looking men (one who seriously looked like the Rock...) but we just looked at each other and knew we had to keep going as crazy as it would be.
So we introduced ourselves and frankly said we felt we should come back and talk to them. In our shock one of the inmates saw the Book of Mormon in Sister M's hand and said, "I've been reading that book!" He proceeded to tell us about how he found one in the prison library and started reading it. He said he has been really curious to know more about where it came from. We started to do a brief intro of the book and he actually interrupted us and told us the whole story of Lehi and Nephi and what happened with their whole family. He even went on about how it's not to replace the bible but to compliment the bible and they have the same teachings. The other two were listening with interest as well and we gave copies of the Book of Mormon to all of them. They gave us their real addresses for when they are released (don't worry mom they live in another mission so it won't be US visiting them again) and the address of their prison (which is also in the other mission and I doubt missionaries can go there). At the end of the conversation Sister M commented that it's a shame that we can't visit with them more and may never see them again. And the one who has already been reading The Book of Mormon said "Don't worry. Right now its a little complicated. But you guys are planting seeds."
The one reading the Book of Mormon will be released in January. The one who asked for a pamphlet will be released in February. And the last man not until 2015 (afterwards Sister M and I laughed because she as well won't be "released" until 2015 hahaha). Who knows what will happen. But we know we did our part. It was an amazing experience. It really taught me about how....everyone are children of God and it isn't our place to decide who is worthy of the message and who is not. We are called to teach everyone.
The rest of the week was full of hot sun and little miracles. A ride home after a lunch. Another Panatoni. A trunk full of groceries. A lot of references. And the christmas program is tomorrow! And tonight we are going caroling. :)

Hope this week is a good one for all of you. <3 Next week is Christmas! :D I cant believe it. haha. I love you all!

Sister Heyer
[Note from mom:  I have not once worried about Emily.  Knowing she is doing the Lord's work takes away any/all worry.]
Me and my comp at the ward christmas dinner....
in brazil they put raisins in the rice for Christmas to make it fancy.
Not a new favorite.
The last English class before Christmas!
I sang Away in a Manger for them. :)
And we gave them all free Joy to the World Christmas videos. :)

Ward Christmas activity. The kids put on the Nativity.
It was adorable. In the middle of the program
one of the little boys took off his donkey head,
smacked the kid next to him on the head with it,
and then put in back on and kept singing like nothing happened.

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