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Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's raining, it's pouring, but missionaries are never snoring

Helloooo. :)

This one will be short! sorry.  

This week we marked two more baptisms with B and V. They are children of some inactive members who want to go back to church now. They are 15 and 16. They are awesome. They are reading the Book of Mormon and they go to church every week alone because their parents are still working on getting back to church. They are the ones helping their parents find their testimonies again and come to church. It is really neat to see. We love visiting with their family every week. 

This week we have a multizone meeting (again) but this time it is with the area president of Brasil Elder Costa. So....basically we are in major lock down right now because its kinda huge he is coming to talk to us. Hence why everyone got their hair cut today (even me) and half the sisters are buying new clothes (except me because I don’t want to). haha. That should be exciting. :) 

One of the assistants to the President was released and called to be our zone leader. That has been interesting. He is really helping keep our zone stay on track though so that’s a bonus. The new assistant is a different American now, Elder...well forgot his name and you wouldn’t know him anyways. I don’t know him yet. haha. But I’m sure he will be great. 

It is pouring rain these past few days like Noah´s days....which has been a blessing for Brasil because they were entering into a major water crisis. Butttt....as for missionaries made for a tough (and very wet) week.

One of our lost investigators came back!!! P wants to hear the lessons again. We had so much fun getting to know her this week. I love her. haha. She is very perky and happy. We will (hopefully if President lets us) be going to the temple with her on Tuesday evening. :)

 Read a great talk this week! 

Well thats about it from me. Sorry its boring. I love you all and I hope you are all doing alright. <3 


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