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Sunday, March 2, 2014

God's Plan IS Families

A pool....don't even get me started...
Well this week was interesting. We had a number of run ins with people only interesting in fighting. Which.....like I said won’t happen. But it did inspire me to do an intense bible study this week and find lots of scriptures to support every gospel topic. There is just so much to learn! I love scripture study though. It is my favorite part of the day.

We found a new family. They are an adorable family. They are currently only interested in learning everything we believe and seeing all the evidence that supports what we say. It is hard to teach people who don’t want to walk by faith....but insist on hard proof. Sometimes the answer is how you feel and what the spirit testifies to you. It will be interesting teaching them. They come from a religion that really doesn’t like our church but they are very respectful and truly want to learn what we know to be true. I am excited. It may be a bit of a challenge but they are very intelligent and very willing to learn. We really love visiting them.
Every missionary encounters a dog...

The bishop told us some exciting numbers this week. When we got here the number of members every week at church was around 80. Since we have been here we now have a frequency of 130. We have reactivated over 5 whole families just by visiting with them. Not one did we go in and try to convince them to go to church. We just talk. And share a little scripture or sing a hymn. And then leave. It is amazing to see what a difference it makes in their lives just to show them someone cares and remembers them. Sometimes all they need is a little love. 

Future Missionaries!
This week was our meeting with Elder Evans and his wife Mary Evans (who I swear I have seen before...). He is the president of....all the missions in the whole world. He is the mission board president. He talked the whole time about eternal marriage and having kids. At first we (MISSIONARIES) were very confused.....and then it all made sense to me. We are here to help build families. We need to understand this importance and have this desire to build our own families one day to really be able to help others. Gods plan IS families. And that is our job right now....help and build families in the gospel. It was beautiful and I doubt there was one dry eye in the whole room. Even President and his wife were teared up. It was a very neat and unforgettable conference and I am so grateful we got to hear from him. 

I hope everyone is doing alright. Thank you for all the love and support from home. <3 You all have no idea how much it helps me. I love you all and wish you a wonderful week. <3

Sister Heyer

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