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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just When I got Comfortable...

Well....I was transferred. Got a call from the assistants yesterday. Why? Because my situation is complicated. I will be transferred to Iguatami (which is our President´s ward) to stay with Sister Mora (sister trainer leader) for 2 weeks to open a new area....then in two weeks I will be transferred again. To open a new area in Castelo (which is basically Chapadão. Same church building just a different ward and the other side of the neighborhood.) sharing the area and the ward and all lunches with the....assistants (0_0)....with my new companion who will be American and who I will train. She is at the mtc in São Paulo for 2 weeks starting tomorrow doing the new two week intensive language study for missionaries who have been serving in the states. 

I know...sorry its complicated. Just to review: 

-2 weeks opening an area with the sister trainer leader in Presidents ward
-Transferred AGAIN
-American companion who just got here
-Opening ANOTHER area while training
-The transfer is only 5 weeks so....opening TWO areas, being transferred twice, and doing 6 week training...in only 5 weeks. 
-Sharing an area with the assistants
-Back to where I was just a few months ago 
-Living in a new house just the 2 of us
-Stake president is the richest man in brasil....lincoln martins.

Trying to stay positive. But it’s a lot of big and difficult changes to take in in only one day. I guess now that I am almost 10 months in President wants to make sure I stay on my toes and don’t get too comfortable. I could really use the Rocky theme song right about now...but Peace Like a River by Mormon Tab. is a close second. ;P hahaha.

Good news:
-........I will be close to Sergel the best ice cream place on the planet
-My zone is closer to the temple so maybe we will be chosen to go

Anyways....apart from being really sad to go and quite a bit stressed....WE HAD A BAPTISM! Our dear Pa was baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday. It was easily one of the most beautiful and spiritual baptisms I’ve seen.

On Saturday she showed up at the church at 2:00 because she was so excited. Her baptism was at 6. hahaha. We made her a cake and bought her flowers.She cried so much. It was very beautiful. I sang "I feel my Savior´s Love" in Portuguese for her. It was fun. I wasn’t even nervous (making BIG progress here). It was so sweet because right after the baptism there was a Relief Society activity and she immediately started helping set up everything, chatting with all the Sisters and making a ton of friends. We just stood there feeling completely useless watching her become a part of the ward in less than 10 minutes of being baptized. It was....comforting. :) The next day she was confirmed, gave the closing prayer, already paid her tithing, and the Bishop asked if he could give her a calling next week. It couldn’t have been more perfect. Literally. 

So....that was my week. :) Thank you for the emails of support. I really appreciate getting that extra boost every week. <3 Love you all. 

Sister Heyer

Ps- President gave all the missionaries the new manual about how to handle stress....just in time. It would prob be more helpful if it were in English though.... -_- Sometimes you get stressed just trying to read it all and understand what its saying about stress in Portuguese! hahahaha. Its ironic.

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