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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Blessings of Safety and Peace

HELLO! Well...last week of the transfer. Can´t believe its almost over already. When we went to the temple on Saturday (explanation as to why will follow) I saw a couple from Valinhos carrying a tiny little baby....I remember when she told us that she was pregnant! It was very strange to see a living proof of how quickly time passes and how long I have been gone already. It was hilarious however seeing their faces as I talked to them in fluent Portuguese. ;P lol. 

This week was another great week! Pa wanted to go to the temple with us on Saturday so Sister M and I drove with Pa and M who is her good friend and recent convert in our ward. It was beautiful. There were FIVE weddings there. It was sweet to see Pa get all teary eyed as a Dad being sealed to his wife and little girl explained to his daughter that she, mommy, and daddy could now stay together forever and ever. Something that if I had heard I wouldn’t have really thought twice about because it is a normal idea to me, became incredibly special and incredible to this starry eyed 23 year old Pa. I realized how much we often take the gospel for granted. The gospel really is....special. 

Our zone leaders met us there to interview her for baptism. She will be baptized this Saturday. I found a really pretty of the Salt Lake Temple (where she wants to get married someday) and backed it on cardstock. I then made it into 6 puzzle pieces each with a quote about Faith, repentance, baptism, receiving the Holy Ghost, and as the endure to the end part I put in two beautiful quotes about eternal marriage and forever families. We will put a puzzle piece in her mail box every day this week until Sunday when she is confirmed. :) Figured that would be some sort of way we could do follow up with her every day this week amidst school and work that keeps her out of the house almost all day. Please pray for her. She needs it. Satan isn’t ever happy about new angels in God´s kingdom. 

Under the temple is a little tent where they sell custom made mormon knick knacks like key chains and CTR shirts and stuff. She bought a key chain that says "SUD" which is "LDS" in portuguese. She put in straight on her keys and she was so excited. hahaha. When we were driving home from the temple she stopped to get us Japanese food! It was so sweet of her. And very inspired because when we got out of the car.....we heard a nasty hissing sound and discovered her tire was slowly seeping lower to the ground. Seeing as how we were in the middle of Campinas she freaked out. We hopped into the car and with shaking hands and lots of "oh crappppssss" she desperately started looking for a gas station. Not surprisingly Sister M and I were totally calm. We said a prayer and sure enough....a gas station popped up and a nice guy helped us switch out her tire. We took the missionary moment to point out that God is protecting her as one of the blessings of her decision. She was very startled but became really happy when we pointed that out. She took the new found peace she felt from our words to take some pictures and post them on instagram. It is so funny teaching a young adult. hahahaha. Spiritual moments are always just so facebook worthy. ;) hahaha. Anyways we got really good food and made it home safely. Quite the adventure. 

We visited the family we are teaching  and P (the mom) told us an interesting story. Monday was a huge thunder storm. M (the dad) was on the roof fixing the antenna when he felt very strongly that he should get off the roof. He immediately climbed down and the minute he was inside the house lighting struck the antenna and burned out all their electronics....but M was safe. H (the son, now 11) was very startled by the event and quite traumatized. So when we visited yesterday we called a ward member who lives close by and he came and gave H a blessing. It was very spiritual. We also invited M to say a prayer as a family on our knees and to ask if the church is true. He did. He cried the whole prayer. It was a beautiful prayer. And I think he got his answer. He just is too scared to follow it for now. But P and M are becoming more and more impressed with the church and are really RECOGNIZING that God has been more present in their lives since we started visiting. I have confidence they will be baptized one day. I just don’t know when that day will be. They are hard work this family. But they are so special. We wont give up. 

When she walked us out, P made a comment about how it was going to rain and she forgot to buy a new umbrella. As we were walking away....I told Sister M that we were going to come back in a few minutes here. She asked why and I told her "We´re going to go buy P an umbrella!" She laughed (I think she thought I was kidding) and we literally ran down the hill to the first little shop we found and bought an umbrella. We then ran back and arranged the umbrella on the door and went home. It was fun. :) P called later that night and told us that never before had she seen such a precious and heart felt umbrella. She told us she will never ever throw it out. It felt really good to do something nice for her. I really love her and her family. 

Anyways….I'll stop going on and on and let you guys get back to your lives. But just as a spiritual message this week.....

This video really demonstrates the importance and the true meaning of loving one another. All of us are different but to our Heavenly Father we are all His children. May we look for those who are struggling, picked on, or who are needing a friend. Take the challenge that Jesus gave to all of us to “love one another, as I have loved you.”

I love you all. Have a great week. <3 
Sister Heyer

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