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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sneaky Sisters

[This week we each received a letter from Emily via snail mail.  Here is Lilly's letter:]

I hope you like my little present!  [Emily included a little card with Care Bears on it.] It has a cool story behind it!  My companion and I were in the post office so she could mail some letters and we met a man who couldn't hear.  He was selling these "cards of happiness" for 1 reais.  He would use the money for deaf education anad other things he needs.  he was very sweet so we decided to buy one from him.  He had lots of different kinds but when I saw a care bear one I thought of you and chose this one to send to you! 

Did you your name in Portuguese is "Lirio?"  Lirio means the flower Lily but to help people understand your name I say "Lilly!  Como um flor, Lirio!"  (or "Lilly! Like the flower, Lily!")  They always say "Que Bonita!  Aww, que linda!" (or "How beautiful!  Aww, so pretty!")

On p-day (our one day a week we can take a little break) we went to the park to play Frisbee with all the elders...but one Elder had a little trick to play on the other Elders with our help.  He had water balloons!  So all the sisters snuck into the bathroom and filled up all the balloons and then we hid them behind a tree.  then we called all the Elders for prayer an when they bowed their heads and closed their eyes...We pelted them with water balloons!  They were very surprised! And very wet!  We then had a huge water balloon fight!  It was very fun and we felt very proud of our sneaky success.

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