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Monday, September 23, 2013

Time Flies...

[This letter came on September 16.]


This week was loads better. It fleww by so like Dad said, that means things are going well! ;) This week we worked super hard in the HOT HOT HOT sun and because of it I have 25 mosquito bites the size of half dollars and a shirt, skirt, shoes, and watch tanline that is sure to impress all when I return...but also I have stories of miracles. :)

Monday we went to the coral in Campinas to play games and eat lunch with our zone and all the other Elders in Campinas city. It was really fun. The best part was when we were all on the onibus to go back to the rodaviaria to catch a bus to Valinhos Elder A. (One of zone leaders) dared me to stand up on the bus and make contacts (or basically to shout to everyone on the bus who we are and invite them to talk with the missionaries and go to church). He is learning English so he spoke in English and I translated to Portuguese. It was AWESOME. I was super nervous but I knew how to translate everything and it was a really neat experience. I was really grateful he pushed me out of my comfort zone because making street contacts is the hardest and scariest thing for me. It was fun. 

A little bit about some of our investigators this week. 

M and G- An old catholic couple who actually is listening to our message. M is quiet. She has a lottt of questions and believes everything we tell her. She is really special. But it will truly be a miracle if they get baptized because they are incredibly devoted to being Catholic. Right now she is talking as if she will apply all of our teachings to Catholicism and continue at her church because she is a missionary there and has a job there and everything. But who knows! We believe in miracles! So we will invite them to be baptized Thursday when we return. 

G and AP- A FAMILY! They have a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 5. They are a beautiful family. G was the only one home with the kids when we knocked on their door one day so we taught him about how his family can be together forever. We have yet to meet AP but he was very positive and said they don't have a church. They are a very sweet family and we will return Thursday and hopefully teach them both and if the timing feels right...invite them to be baptized too. 

MA- He is inactive and is married to sweet I. We visited him this week when he was sober. He was a lot more closed and distanced. This will be a bigger challenge than we thought especially since I don't know a thing about alcoholism. Pray we can know how to help. 

L and L- I'm sure that I have already told you a little bit about them. They are married and have 3 older teens. I have been teaching them since my first day in Brazil. They were my very first lesson. For eight weeks we have been teaching them and inviting them to church and every week they say they will go and then they don't show up on Sunday. But they've come to almost every church activity. Its been very frustrating because they are reading the Book of Mormon and they are praying together and like our message. And we love them soooo much. I refuse to give up on them. So this week during the district meeting we passed them as "possibles". (Every meeting our District gets together and talks about who they are teaching that will almost surely be baptized and is progressing. And "prometido...or promised" which means they have a baptism date. Then someone offers a prayer for every single person for each area. It's really neat.) Anyway we passed them as possibles for the 5th time. We felt really strongly we should. After the meeting my district leader told me that him and the zone leaders are tired of us passing them as possibles because they are "mali" which means they....are lazy and aren't really interested right now. They wanted us to pick new people. But we stayed firm. If we didn't pass them as possibles then we were basically closing our minds and hearts to the possibility that now they are ready. We won't give up on them and we trust our feelings. We went with our gut and kept them as possibles. 

This week we went to their house almost every night to teach and to see how they are doing. We decided to do something different and we watched Finding Faith in Christ. L cried. Afterwards L promised, a very firm promise, that this week they will go to church. She also told us her husband has been thinking about getting baptized and is actually really serious. If he gets baptized she will too. For the first time we left the lesson smiling and happy. Thennnnn Sunday came...and they didn't show up. AGAIN. It was so frustrating because we had so much faith they would come. So yesterday night we went to their house to find out what happened. Their motorcycle had broken down. -_- L was in the shower so we only talked with L(the husband) a little bit and he told us we could come teach tomorrow (today lol). So we left. As we were walking back to our house I felt very strongly that there was something we needed to do. I can't even describe it but my heart was aching and aching and I was close to tears and I didn't know why. I just kept having the same thought...go back. go back. go back. I stopped my companion and asked if we could say a prayer because something wasn't right. I prayed to know what to do and afterwards me and my companion both felt really strongly that we should go back. We had no idea why or what to say but we almost ran back to their house. When we got there he was super confused why we were back. We were too. It was a little awkward because we didn't know what to say. Finally I just burst out "we felt really strongly we need to come back and talk with you but we don't know why!". He asked if we were scared to walk back alone and offered to walk us back home with L (his wife). We said no that that wasn't it. And then my companion almost bust out the baptism invite. hahahaha. She invited him to be baptized this Sunday. And then she started crying. hahaha. He was a little shocked....but he told us he has been seriously thinking. We could tell he was a little shocked and unsure so we told him to pray with his wife that night and when we go back today....hopefully they will have an answer and it will be YES. I then said a prayer with him in the street in front of his house and choked up too. The spirit was so strong! He didn't really looked moved....just scared I think hahaha....but I KNOW he felt the spirit. This is the 4th time we have invited them to be baptized. But this time is different. This time I know with all my heart we have done our part. They have their agency so there is always the possibility that they answer will be no....but we left last night lightened and happy because we know we have done our part. If anything it was a really amazing spiritual experience that we will never forget. Pray for them. Pray they will accept. They are ready. They are prepared. They only are lacking a little faith. But we have faith. Pray for them. <3 

This Friday we are setting up a both in the park with the other two sisters here and passing out pamphlets and Book of Mormons. Yes we have permission. ;) Its legal. I am really excited. It will be something different! 
I am finding it hard to ignore everyone that doesn't believe in us and is constantly judging us. But my companion helps me a lot by reminding me that the only opinion we need to worry about is the Lords and He knows we are working. :) 

This transfer is almost over already. I cant believe it. TODAY I HAVE 2 MONTHS IN BRAZIL! I also cant believe it. haha. Time is flying by. I don't want to be transfered. But I think I will be. :( 

Anyways I hope that all is well with everyone. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa URen for the emails! I love reading them! Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write you individually but a letter is coming. :) I love you all so much and I am so grateful for you in my life. <3 Have a wonderful week!!!

Sister Heyer

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