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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Staying in Valhinos

[Sorry this letter is out of order.  We received it on August 26...so the information in this post comes before the post Two Miracles.]


This week was the longest week of my mission so far I am almost 100% positive.

Tuesday we had a district meeting in Campinas at 8 am. Which meant we got up at 5 and left at 6 to make it there in time. Then when we got home we got a call saying that Sister B and Sister A need to go to Junjiai for a Divisao so we ate lunch, packed quickly, and hopped on the bus for an hour and a half for Junjiai. We worked with the sisters in that area for a little bit before curfew and then spent the night. It was FREEZING. They didn't have extra blankets. So we didn't sleep at all. The next morning we got up at 6 and packed up and grabbed a bus for the other part of Junjiai to visit the other sisters. (Junjiai is huge). We worked with them all day long and went to bed at 12 because they were telling us all the problems they have and all the things they need for 2 hours. We got up the next morning at 4 to get back and returned in time for lunch in a members home and try to make up for lost time in our area. Friday Sister B went through the temple with Presidente so she got up at 5 to leave and woke me up to do her hair. Then Saturday we got up earlier to go to the church and decorate the church for the wedding. Then all evening and night we had the wedding and baptism after. Sunday we had church early and spent all day saying goodbyes and visiting people. Then we stayed up til 12 helping Sister B pack and celebrating. And got up this morning at 4 to get ready and travel to Campinas to the mission office to drop off Sister B. :P Needless to say it was a rough week and I am super low on sleep and there is sooo much to do this week. BUT its okay. I can do this. I will go home now and sleep.....after we clean the whole house and organize all of our stuff..... -_-  Aye. 

Anyways sorry for the boring low down. The divisao was actually really cool because I was companions with a Sister who arrived the same day as me....but she doesn't speak ANY Portuguese.  So anyways it was kind of scary for me because I had to do EVERYTHING. I taught 5 lessons and made 25 contacts and talked with everyone and shared scriptures and got 2 new investigators for them and everything. It was hard but it was really cool because everyone just kept saying that I speak everything! It felt good to know I can do stuff on my own. It was good because today my "mom" left and I have to lead this area now with a new companion. I did feel a little bad though because the members that we visited kept asking when I got here and when I would tell them the same day as the other Sister they would say "how come you speak and she doesn't". I'd feel worse but I don't think she understood what they were saying so....it was better that she didn't know so she won't feel bad. It was a cool experience though.

Saturday was amazing. A and T were married in the church by the bishop and it was a beautiful simple ceremony. The members of the church did EVERYTHING. They made the cake and brought food and drinks and decorations and did her hair and makeup and everything to help. It was amazing. She was gorgeous and they were so happy. T cried like a baby. It was sweet. Then one hour later she changed out of her dress and him out of his tux and they were baptized! She got to leave her crown in from the wedding and she looked like a princess. It was amazing. They were confirmed on Sunday and I have never seen anyone so happy. They are completely changed and ready to be full time members of the church and prepare to be sealed in one year. I will be here. I hope I can go. Sister B said she would return and we can go together. :) It was awesome. 

So....I am STAYING HERE! :D Thank goodness. And so are Sisters A and G so not TOO much will change. I am ready to love [my new companion] and be very firm about our responsibilities here. This area is ZION. Seriously. And they deserve the best missionaries possible. We have a lot of work to do. And it will be good for me to get some experience taking charge here because... Sister P said to prepare to train next transfer.... (!!!!!!!! EEP CRAZY!!!!) Anyways I am ready.....but prayers are always welcome. <3 

I will evaluate this week if I think I can talk to the bishop about teaching English this transfer in the church.  I hope so but it depends on my companion.

I am glad to here that all is well with you guys. Busch Gardens sounds like it was hot....but its good to get one last vacation in! :)  I miss you like crazy. Good luck to the kids with starting school! WORK HARD KIDDOS! :D I love you all! <3 

Sister Heyer <3

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